A Wall Clock With Dominoes

One of the Board games that never dies is domino. So far, their elegant pieces in black and white had been used to kill time in the houses, even to make tasty bets with money from through;

but as always, someone just finding you a double utility, out of context, with an overwhelming originality and a very attractive outcome. And although this time is unknown to the author of this great idea, his invention has endured in the network is that I give you today announced here.

Is a wall clock. Its mechanism is completely current. Its structure slashing austerity, with a simple rectangular wooden plank on which the needles mark the passage of time. And however, it gets our attention from the beginning. Its innovation and its charm lies in the numbers representing hours. The traditional 1,2,3,4… or their respective Roman numerals I, II, III, IV… and successive to that normally found in these timepieces of wall around the area have been replaced by original pieces of domino.

And they have done so in visual and very successful, because each of the tabs has been chosen based on their number. Thus, each one of the dominoes represents the time that determine its black spots. Since domino allows us to play with all the numbers between 1 and 12, from the “white Dick” to “double six”, they have not found any problem for this peculiar watch face. A clock that is sure that domino lovers will appreciate more than good and that they can easily acquire on the website of Craftyredfox at a price of 39 pounds.

The more daring can design their own watch. They will only need recover the mechanism of an antique clock, done with a plank of wood – or any other kind of surface we want – and sacrificing a game of dominoes, extracting the parts corresponding to the hours. Simple. A completely custom clock that will highlight in our home decoration like a fly in the milk. For those who always are looking for originality and innovation this full item his collection of rarities and, best of all, it is that you can place it in any room of the House. Although that Yes, however small that is, is not discreet.

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