10 Tips to Optimize Space in House

Storage is often the biggest headache when the meters that we have are limited. We have seen some proposals to circumvent the lack of space in our outside without losing the style; today I will comment on getting the most that, a priori, seem to corners of inside without utility to convert them into key blanks.

1) door that closes, window that opens

Normally, frames surrounding doors and windows are cleared areas, since placing objects around could hinder its use, especially in the case of doors, which are places of passage. However, with a bit of action and always without reaching overload set, Yes can use these points as perfect storage sites. Some examples may be placing shelves beneath the windows, or even use the vain inside in case of wide windows, or skirting a gate with an armario-puente. In both cases, choose a color that won’t break the continuity with respect to the wall will get that it is very well integrated.

2) partitions out

If we have a House that has a divider as pillars or columns elements, as often happens in studies, we must exploit its possibilities rather than give them for lost space. We can even install planks between the pillars themselves to form shelves or desks. If you have many pictures or other elements for hanging, take advantage of these vertical lines as an exhibitor and let free other walls where more furniture could be mounted.

(3) bed and extremes

It is almost certain that in the bedroom, you shall count with one of the largest House cabinets and, even so, missing site where to get clothes, blankets or organize our accessories. In this case, we must look at skirting the bed with storage modules that do not saturate the rest space. There are options, even DIY, to convert the header line shelves. For the opposite, to the feet, opt for a banqueta-baul will be ideal for storing from shoes to blankets.

4) hidden departments

Following in the bedroom, a large acquisition life-changing to small houses are the beds with bunker. Folding furniture making are what would be a vacuum gap in a large space to store everything. Also with minor measures exist, as I have said before, stools and pouffes which are concealed in trunks or chairs and folding tables thanks to which it can keep under control the mess hall, room or even kitchen.

(5) cooking across

Reaching the kitchen, domestic place where more “junk” will always have the idea is to rely on the new rate of sliding furniture, which are already in many homes replacing the classic endless drawers and folding doors. This type of modules allow not only open access to all stored and easily without the need for contorsionismos to take the skillet that is at the bottom of the Cabinet, but will also better optimize space.

(6) save, save, save

Similar to the design of the kitchen door, drawers of double-height are a great choice as they have different sliding shelves within a single space. Along with hidden storage furniture, give a small room, an infinity of possibilities. And not forget the attics, for houses with higher ceilings.

(7) the challenge of bath

In the case of the bathroom, one of the smaller rooms in the House, the best solutions is to focus into two corners. On the one hand, the classic storage under the sink. Many modern lavatories again the piece to air, with no lower drawers; However, we can supply this lack with beautiful Wicker baskets. Second, corresponding to the cistern wall tends to be the less used, but also has many possibilities for locating cosmetic products on shelves or boxes.

(8) reform and integrate

When create from scratch is a possibility, please do not hesitate to make those walls work shelves. The Wall shelves are the easiest way of having a storage space that actually don’t occupy anything, since it does not protrude nor is there to move it.

9) storage height

If the House has stairs, and does not need to be a complete staircase on an upper floor, with a couple of rungs of height between surfaces at different levels served, we must always take advantage of the gap between these as an opportunity. The best example to store after or under a step are the books, since they have shape and sizes perfect to fit in these places.

(10) fold and stack

On Wholesaleably.com, there are many options for strategically placing furniture that will only spread at the time of your use. For example, there are tables that are collapsible panels that can be removed or folded towards the wall, even saved completely, but you can also opt for sets that are designed thinking about use of the optimal space, such as chairs or stools that fit under the table.

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