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Offer Three Games at Gameloft for Android

Fantastic news from Gameloft, the developer of video games that is generating more satisfactions in the platform Android (and others). If a week ago we communicated that the latest installment of the saga Asplalt you could download free for lucky users of the Samsung Galaxy S II, now and thanks to the announcement of one of our readers, we discover that it has been temporarily in promotion 3 of their great games so they are within the reach of all budgets. Know what?

N.O.V.A. 2 HD

It’s a game of type FPS (first person shooter) with spatial ambience in which you can enjoy from 12 levels, a good consignment of armament and specialties, different enemies and the possibility of playing the way history or take advantage of the Internet connection for play online against a maximum of 10 players, choosing in addition 5 game modes different. Continue reading

Samsung Gear S3, First Impressions: With A New (And Huge) Design By Flag

It was one of the great expectations of this IFA and Samsung has fulfilled what it already implied in their invitations: we have met the Samsung Gear S3 or, rather, the two different models (Frontier and Classic) arriving as successors of the Gear S2 and the Gear S2 Classic. From Xataka we have been able to test them briefly and these are our first impressions. Continue reading

Buddy Rush, a Free and Very Showy Multiplayer Game

The world of online games increasingly more opts for the Free2Play philosophy, i.e. the basic game is free and paid to improve non-mandatory but yes free, a model that many famous online games are taking with force, and this is noticeable in Buddy Rush, game that just come today itself to the Android Market, even if it comes from a Facebook game.

Buddy Rush is of a MMO without history, very to the use of what is usually done and so successful it has, and that stands out in his artistic section and its most successful gameplay. The game needs a download of 27MB, so we will have to make room in our devices to enjoy this game, but worth it. After that shock, we will have to perform another download, which will last about five minutes if you are connected to a Wi-FI network. After this it will really start game. Continue reading

WordPress Templates: Everything You Need to Know

Since I started to write articles I have been looking forward to it this time: month WordPress. It is a month where I will teach you to know that you must have a template, to know her more thoroughly, to be able to change simple things… But first thing is first and should never start a House with the roof, so today will teach you everything you must have a template that you can serve to your project and is not simply into something visual of it. Let’s start with a phrase that I repeat much: “the beauty is important, Yes, we are Visual beings and always going to be fooled by the pretty things, however, how useful is even more important”. I.e., if a template is not responsive or is not well built level SEO, by very nice is not going to serve. So Let me show you what you should have your template and then you already look at whether is beautiful: Continue reading

LG Scoop Bring Street Fighter IV to Android

We are accustomed to the first fruits of some content. If in the case of the Xperia Play have recognized minecraft as a product exclusively for a terminal, LG It has become a commercial deal with CAPCOM to bring one of the most popular sagas of fight: Street Fighter, in particular it is version for Android in the fourth installment, which takes a few months with more than one dozen pesonajes in iOS. Continue reading

Burn The City, or How Enjoy Destroying Cities

The Games Shoot down or destroy all kinds of objects they have worked really well on mobile devices. You try to kill green pigs or ending zombies whenever we see a game of this genre are impossible to resist and give him a chance. In addition, most of them make good use of the touch interface so it is very easy to play independent of our ability.

Within that range, which we have already spoken on occasion, we have Burn the city. A game with a very descriptive title since the objective is precisely that: burn the town using the main character, a giant lizard with which we will have to spit fireballs with much precision to reduce everything to ashes. Continue reading

Types of Flashlights

Type of lens and reflector

This is sometimes not a good case, but the power and type of led as well as its lens and its reflector (the silver zone) are as important as quality can improve or worsen performance.

Type of lens, There are smooth and rough, the smooth ones usually show concentric rings and a light clear and powerful, the rough have the function of blurring the light making it more smooth and even. It is evident that this is also related to the type of light (launcher or innundadora). Continue reading

Tha Councils: Green Lanterns

In this new entry of the Councils of Tha I will talk about the ecological lanterns , that is to say flashlights that instead of carrying batteries use other ways to get electricity.The most common are dynamo .Thanks to a lever or a crank that we are driving is able to generate electricity.This type of flashlights usually use LED bulbs because they have a lower consumption, that if in return they usually give less light than a conventional flashlight.However this is not a handicap for the use we give them scouts. Continue reading

Casio Toro Rosso Watch

One or the other winces at the brand name Casio might think reflexively of the much-hated math teacher in the school-in addition to calculators has the founded in 1957 Japanese electronics group but still very interesting Quartz watches with great value for money in the portfolio, including the Casio G-shock, as well as the sporty modern EDIFICE series.

Continue reading

R-Type, a Classic Return to Android

A few weeks ago we did echo of arrives it’s R-Type, one of the most renowned shooters of all time, game that created excitement for your departure more than one week ago. Dot Emu rather it has strived to take the game to the touch screens of the Androids, and that is in the fluid going on a Nexus One, a terminal that is not the latest in terms of technical specifications.

The game presents at the beginning with a single difficulty, the normal difficulty, which we will have to overcome in its eight different screens to unlock hard mode. A graphic level we find with a level of detail in high quality for games with esthetics 16‑bit, typical of the time of the game well finished and very colorful sprites. As for the noise level, we have a music with good quality giving a perfect atmosphere to the game along with a few very much in line with the game sound effects. Continue reading

Trends in 2017, Bridal Bouquets

Can you imagine a bride without bouquet? The truth is that a bride without a floral detail hands would be us of the most unusual, right?. It is a beautiful complement to any of the styles of wedding we can find this season. And for each of them we find a bridal bouquet.

Even if you have a favorite flower and always wanted your bridal bouquet was made with it, you can take into account the salient trends for this season and choose best suited for your dress. Continue reading