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Apple SIM, a Good Idea for Tablets That I Hope to See Soon for Android

Although somewhat controversially said in Xataka Android, I think it deserves to comment this article. Apple continues to be the company that best understands the tablet world. They invented the concept and Android has always gone in tow. There was a time when took the tablets of 7 inches, in which Android better understood the needs of users but this has changed since Apple has the iPad Mini.

Yesterday most interesting introduced Apple, at least for me, was the Apple SIM. The concept of SIM blank is not new, although Apple is which has most pushed for it. And I think that its combination with a tablet is a perfect marriage. Continue reading

9 Nexus, The Information Google Return to Tablets

The Mountain View company has just introduced a new generation of devices that include the Nexus 6 phablet the tablet Nexus 9 and the surprise that no one expected, Nexus Player.

Taking into account that smartphones already come to 6 inches it is true that the tablets 7-inch featuring Google there were almost in no man’s land and the natural step given by Google is to move to a screen of 8.9 inch 4:3 format, let’s see what offers the tablet manufactured by HTC, Nexus 9. Continue reading

The 9 Nexus Could See The Light of Way Officer Morning According to The Rumors

After bringing reading several weeks we will know more about the new Nexus in mid-October, we’re here and it seems that within very little official information about the surprises that Google has us prepared could have. Of the so-called Nexus 6 We have seen few hours ago an official rendering that makes us pretty clear your design and specifications.

Nexus 9 we know something more and it is even confirmed officially by HTC. Since Forbes running that his official presentation in the form of your blog post could happen throughout the day in the morning and it would be the first device to run way official Android L. The 16 GB version would be priced at 399 dollars while that of 32 GB with LTE would rise to $499. Continue reading

Yoga 2 Tablet and Tablet Yoga 2 Pro, Detailed Information about The New Tablet Android from Lenovo

Lenovo just announced in London the launch of a new tablet that comes as the second generation of Yoga 2 Tablet in two sizes, 8 to 10 inches. In addition, we also see a new model, Yoga 2 Tablet Pro with 13 inch screen.

We talk about Android tablets that make use of a SoC Intel Atom and with Wi-Fi connectivity and choice 4 G with a very careful design that integrates an enhanced support and a new mode known as”hook” BRACKET. Continue reading

ASUS 8 Fonepad Is Preparing for Its Launch at a Price of $200

ASUS Fonepad 8 was presented along with his brother of 7 inches at the beginning of the summer, forming the last approximation of ASUS at the tablets with smartphone functions.

With the end of the year in on-track, is time to go knowing the availability of all those devices that are still to come, and if we saw yesterday today ASUS Zenwatch marketing forecasts, of Taiwanese they reveal hints about the launch of the new Fonepad. Continue reading

Nexus 7 LTE Finally Be Updated to Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)

Although hard to believe, Google It has taken more than three months to update the LTE version of the tablet Nexus 7 (2013) to the latest version of the operating system. They have already begun to receive Android 4.4.4, version 4 Nexus, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2012), Nexus 7 WiFi (2013), Nexus 10 received at the end of June, and weeks ago the Motorola Moto and some Sony Xperia and Samsung Galaxy, among others. Continue reading

New Kindle Fire 6 HD and HD-7 Fire, The Information

Becomes the second half of September and Amazon comes timely to your appointment for renewal of its Tablet Kindle Fire line. This time, you get doors for in updating its Fire HDX 8.9 in addition to renew his seven-inch model and introduce a new one with diagonal of six.

Thus the new arrivals Kindle Fire 6 HD and HD Fire 7, two new ‘tablets’ of those inches, WXGA resolution and with price tags low enough to make you look even if you not interested in in this type of device. Continue reading

OneTouch Hero 8, All The Information about The New Tablet from Alcatel

The new Alcatel OneTouch Hero six inch 2 phablet will not be alone. Alcatel OneTouch Hero renewed the range also will debut in the coming weeks a 8-inch Tablet under the name of Alcatel OneTouch Hero 8.

Alcatel OneTouch Hero 8, like the OneTouch Hero 2, it also boasts in its weight, to be one of the lighter market 8 inch tablets with a weight of 310 grams, but also on of the thinnest 7.3 millimeters thick. This new tablet of Alcatel is also made with a unibody aluminium design. Continue reading

Acer Iconia Tab 10 and Iconia One 8, Detailed Information about The New Acer Tablets

After the presentation of the Acer Liquid Z500 and the announcement of availability in Spain of its Acer Liquid Jade and her bracelet Liquid Leap in the IFA, have also decided launching two new tablets to complete its range of Android devices.

With 8 to 10 inches, they reach the market in various colors to compete with economic ranges, with update promised to the version of Android 4.4 small while the 10 inch will come standard. We will then see detailed each of them features. Continue reading

9 Nexus Now on Sale in Google Play from 389 Euro. Nexus 6 and Sony Smartwatch 3 Coming Soon

Update: Have also appeared on Google Play chips for the Nexus 6, Sony Smartwartch 3 and cover with keyboard of Nexus 9, which will go on sale in coming soon.

Today also has been on sale based on the Samsung Gear Live load for 14,90 euros and United States Nexus Player, the first set-top box with Android TV at the price of $99 with your gamepad. In Spain it is still unknown when it will sell the Nexus Player.

As he announced Google Nexus 9 presentation, today already is on sale its new tablet in Google Play and other online stores, although it is slightly cheaper at the Google store. Continue reading

HP Pulled out Three New Tablets, Are Manufactured by Huawei?

Possibly in the next three weeks, HP will present three new tablets, two ten-inch and one eight-inch smaller. Their names will be HP Slate 10 Plus, HP 10 Plus and HP Slate 8 Plus respectively and we find novelty in that possibly two of them will be manufactured by Huawei. so the design of the range of Slate us will be pretty familiar, as if we had seen them before.

The HP Slate 10 Plus has an IPS screen 10.1 inches with 1280 x 800 resolution, HiSilicon Balong V9R1 processor 1.5 GHZ, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage expandable via microSD. It has a front and rear 3-megapixel VGA camera. Both internally and externally It is very similar to the Huawei Mediapad Link 10. Its estimated price will be about $430, perhaps rather high for times running. Continue reading

This Is The Free Content of The Samsung Galaxy Tab S You Want to Convince Yourself

Today it starts to sell Samsung Galaxy Tab S. A pair of Android tablets that could be considered a higher range that the 4 Tab submitted this year. Best specifications, a screen with much more screen resolution… In short, a device that comes to compete with beasts such as the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet and the Air iPad.

In the presentation that took place this week in Madrid, Samsung said that the contents of gift that came with their new tablets exceeded “most of 1,000 dollars”. He was surprised that they used the American currency and not tell it in euros. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 freebies we saw that things were on the way. For this reason, this time We take the calculator to take account. Continue reading

Nexus 7 (2012-2013) Receive Android 4.4.4

After updating at the end of last week the Nexus 4, 5 and 10 to the new version of Android 4.4.4 (KitKat) to correct a serious failure of security with the library SSL now Google is updating this week the Nexus 7.

The Nexus 7 2012 and 2013 they are because they are getting progressively Android 4.4.4 via OTA, filtering files update Wi-Fi models and 3G Nexus 7 (2012) and the Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi model. Model Nexus 7 LTE (2013) it seems that it will have to wait a bit longer since it has not yet received Android 4.4.3, moreover, they have just published their factory image and binary. Who does not want to wait any longer to have this new version already can update and its Nexus manually. Continue reading

Nexus 7 (2012) Receives Android 4.4.3 (KitKat), Probably His Last Update

The Nexus 7 (2012), both models WiFi and 3G, have finally begun to receive via OTA update corresponding to Android 4.4.3 (KitKat) to improve the security of the operating system and to correct errors.

The update to Android 4.4.3 (KitKat) it’s probably the last update of the Nexus 7 (2012), Since Google only gives support for about 18 months, and this tablet meets the two years next week, with what already would not receive the next major Android update. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab S, We Bring You Their First Official Accessories

On yesterday night knew all the details of the new Samsung tablet in which the screen shone with own light, never better said. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S boasts both screen design, standing as a good option within the high range of tablets.

All good device comes with accessories that give it an added extra and in this case Samsung could not be less. The first to try to be more universal are one range of headphones with three different models. Two models type headband, one with Bluetooth technology and other in-ear full characteristics can be found in the source. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S Tab, All The Information about The New Tablets Android from Samsung

The Korean manufacturer Samsung it officially announces its new family of tablets Galaxy Tab S, available in 8.4 and 10.5 inches, which boast being the tablets more thin and light company to date and use panels Super AMOLED on their screens.

These new models of family Samsung Galaxy S Tab join the current models of the Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note and Pro series. Samsung wants to offer tablets of all ranges of prices, specifications and qualities to meet all needs. Continue reading

So Are The New Galaxy Tab S, First Impressions Video

We have had the opportunity to play first-hand the Galaxy S Tab and be able to contrast much is there value in the umpteenth proposal for Samsung tablets this year.

First and most notable is that they are products which, to evaluate them properly, should hold them in your hand, see them in first person. A list of specifications or a press release type “will be very thin, have a big screen” one just thinking that it’s “the same old” and that “they always say the same thing” Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S Tab, Because Tablets They Also Deserved a Range Galaxy S

After teaching the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook and the tableta-telefono Galaxy W, Samsung Koreans we had prepared another surprise in the form of new tablets, which in this case is most striking because it is of the arrival of its iconic range of Galaxy S to the tablet market.

We assume that Samsung wants to take advantage of its known media brand of high-end, and he has taught early and unofficially to their new Samsung Galaxy S Tab, that it is characterized by finally bringing the SuperAMOLED panels to the tablets. Continue reading

LG Tab Book 11TA740-GA50K, Detailed Information about The New Convertible Tablet by LG

Not much has lavished on the market of Android tablets, but LG did have an interesting range of Tablet with keyboard incorporated call Tab Book, and that so far they had been confined between devices with Windows 8.

Today LG has officially announced a new product for the Tab Book, that family surprisingly used 4.2 Android Jelly Bean while maintaining the same characteristics and design as their sisters with windows. Continue reading

New Leaked Images Teach Us How It Could Be The Nexus 8

There are three weeks for Google I/O, It will know enough new features, including the near future of Android. Might also see a new terminal and that the rumors around Nexus 8 have been there present for months.

The latest rumor that has come to light has been a set of photographs of, say, new Nexus 8. Remember to take it with care because it is not anything official and know that these images are easy to falsify. At a glance what is more surprising is the size of the frames, they are huge. Continue reading

Now Available for Android 4.4.3 for The Nexus 7 Wi-Fi (2013) OTA It

As many already know yesterday Google launched the Android 4.4.3, one new minor update of Kit Kat that improves safety, corrects errors and renews the marker calls, among other small improvements.

Last night they released images of Android 4.4.3 for the Nexus factory and began with the phased deployment of the respective OTAs, being the Nexus 7 Wi-Fi (2013) the first to make available updated OTA to Android 4.4.3. Continue reading