Ultrabook Test: These Chic Notebooks Are Good and Coveted

Ultrabooks are the cooler laptops and now affordable. Prices start at less than 300 euros. The build quality is in 500-euro class in order: sharp edges, or large gaps existed in the test field not. Partially but shaky keyboards and touchpads imprecise spoil the overall impression a Ultrabooks.

Test: Medion Akoya E6416 (MD99580) at Aldi Nord (from July 30, 2015, 399 Euro)
Test: Medion Akoya E6416 (MD99610) at Aldi South (as of July 30, 2015, 499 Euros)

Which Ultrabooks are in this country?

Not infrequently is a premium Ultrabook scratching at the 2,000-euro mark, about Toshiba’s Portege Z30 A 12U. That especially cheaper models attract buyers, takes a look at the price comparison portal idealo.de: the service is currently over 300 Ultrabooks under 1,000 euros. Equipment by the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, which is represented by ten Ultrabooks in the top 20 are particularly popular. ASUS offers six models, HP appears three times. The device overview contains the most important performance cornerstones of the single Ultrabooks, current idealo.de prices and short assessments.

Ultrabooks up to 1,000 euro: the most desirable devices

Better than the macbook Air: ASUS Zenbook UX305

Particularly the variants of the ASUS Zenbook UX305 are currently announced. The significant Ultrabook there versions with full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels) and rich 3200 x 1800 pixels (QHD +). Also varies the size of SSD memory. Our site has the model with QHD +-resolution and 256-gigabyte SSD scrutinized. As expected, the anti-reflective display scored. Top: the pace of work and the impeccable processing. Draws to end ASUS Zenbook UX305 (test Note: 2.34) on the comparable macbook Air past.

15 top Tips when Buying Notebook

Netbook reincarnation: HP Pavilion 10-k000ng x 2

Devices generate great interest, especially cheap are x about the HP Pavilion 10-k000ng 2 (K6C56EA). It reminds the cheap and lame Netbooks of 2010 with its equipment and the price point of around 260 euros. The data sheet for a four-core Intel Atom Processor powers the device. The display resolution with 1366 x 768 pixels adheres to the standard for entry-level.

Attention: The Pitfalls when Buying Notebook

Good technique of yesterday: Lenovo ideapad U330P

Technique can often save some, if you attack the previous year model. So you get the ideapad U330P (59393489) currently for 500 euro a 13.3 inch Ultrabook with Intel Core i5 processor (dual-core), 4 GB memory, and hybrid hard drive (500 GB plus 8 GB SSD). There are standards like USB 3.0, extras such as a backlit keyboard make the 2014 device also currently still interesting.

Under 2 Kg: 20 light Notebooks in the Test

Ultrabook-FAQ: there are drawbacks to notebooks?

Wearing not fat aufultrabooks are significantly flatter than notebooks. When folded they may be no more than 21 millimeters thick; the screen is smaller than 14 inches (35.6 centimeters), there are only 18 mm.
Small but sharp bildschirmin most models is a 13.3-inch (33.8 cm) display with 1366 x 768 or 1920 x 1080 pixels. 3200 x 1800 pixels offer about the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and the ASUS Zenbook UX305. Apple cooks his own thing with 1440 x 900 pixels on the macbook Air 13 (model 2015). More brilliant screens with a glossy finish and have usually a higher contrast for this disturbing reflections. Increasingly complement increased with touch-sensitive displaystouchscreens (not least because Windows 8/8.1) the classic operation via keyboard and touchpad. Start apps, scroll through photos, or surfing the Internet so just go or swipe finger tip as with the tablet. But mostly the display it is shaking. The Lenovo Yoga offers a clever solution 3: the screen can be folded to from the Ultrabook creates a Tablet PC.
Low gewichtnotebooks in the 15-inch standard format weigh typically between 2.4 and 2.7 kilos. Ultrabooks scratch part of the one-kilo mark (Sony VAIO Pro). The 15.6 inch device from Toshiba and ASUS are comparatively heavy with 2.3 kilos. Power prozessorvorgeschrieben is a CULV processor with low operating voltage (ultra low voltage), which uses only half as much power as a standard processor under full load up to 17 watts. In normal operation, the power consumption is much lower. The graphics chip is integrated into the main processor. More speed thanks to SSD speicherviele Ultrabooks are equipped with an SSD storage, which ensures significantly faster startup when compared to a traditional hard drive. Disadvantage: Often, the capacity is limited. Who needs much (SSD-) memory, must engage deeply in the Pocket. Hybrid hard drives that combine a classic magnetic storage with a SSD part remedy. Many manufacturers rely on this (mix) technology.
Better ausdauerintel requires a battery life of at least five hours in practice do not reach many devices this brand or surrender even after half the time. Positive exception: the Sony Vaio Pro cracked in the test of the five hour mark. Perennial notebook keep up to four hours in typical usage through.
Few Anschlüssees not are up to three USB Sockets rich for printer, USB hard drives, & co., helps a USB hub.

Product overview: cheap USB hub in the overview
hardly erweiterbarbei Ultrabooks often only the memory can be upgraded. If you need a larger hard drive or SSD, must replace the old. Game-compatible graphics chip is lame grafikein only rarely in the slim housing. Mostly deals with the graphics unit integrated into the main processor to the image calculation.
No DVD laufwerkwer watch films on DVD or want to install software from CD, need an external DVD drive. A fixed building is at Ultrabooks exception.
Arbeitsspeichergünstige sufficient older Ultrabooks have four gigabytes of memory. The most modern equipment is equipped already with eight gigabytes. This is sufficient for most applications.
What tools are there? Webcam, Wi-Fi, USB, microphone and headphone jacks are standard Bluetooth, a memory card slot, and an HDMI port the rule.

Ultrabook test: the best models

Dominate In the front test the new Broadwell processors from Intel: chips trimmed on performance named core i3, i5, or i7 and carry a 5 in the first place in the name, about core i5-5250U. Intel Core called M, about core M 5Y10 variants optimized for energy efficiency. Also cavort some Ultrabooks with chips of the previous generation (HASWELL) in the leaderboard. Despite similar clock speed had great tempo differences depending on whether the Ultrabooks save programs and data on SSD or hard disk. Models with SSD work practically as fast as standard notebooks with hard despite lower clock rate. Some Ultrabooks use a combination of a small SSD memory and hard drive instead of a large SSD. So they meet the Intel specifications and offer more memory.

You have known? Although processor manufacturer Intel has invented the Ultrabook, but the true creator is called Apple! With its macbooks, the i Group continued the trend to refined and sleek portable computers running Ultrabooks were the response from the Windows camp. Our site checks both classes immediately. Ultrabooks tested all and macbooks can be find in the overview

Test: the best Ultrabooks

Software Starter package for your Ultrabook

Ultrabooks offer most no built-in DVD drive. To play files and programs to install, there are several ways: there is a huge selection of software on the Internet. Our site has a starter package from recommended programs put together so you make sure! Usually software on the PC or Notebook CD/DVD can be a stick or an external hard drive copy and install from there.

These 66 programs are mandatory for notebooks


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