TV Pro 2: Smarter TV Guide with Remote Control Four Weeks Free

Track of the current TV program to keep, there are numerous magazines but also special functions in current smart tvs. If you want everything from a single source in the truest sense, but should take a look at the app TV Pro 2. The digital TV magazine is free in the basic version the Gold version costs 9.99 Euros while a year, it brings yet more practical functions.

Programs, recommendations, and information

To know what’s hot on which channel, TV Pro offers an overview function that is built like a digital TV magazine: the program is available for each transmitter based on time. After a match prediction on an entry provides the app info about the content or background knowledge set is also a reminder if desired or just follow a specific format. So, all future episodes of the format in a browser are listed and must be selected no longer every time manually. The magazine feature makes recommendations to the highlights of the day, sorted into categories such as entertainment or series. The categories themselves can be individually list but also away from the highlight selection for each day and search, so that you quickly find the right programme or appropriate entertainment.

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All fresh devices see

Switch directly via mobile phone

Those who opt for the Gold version, must depending on the TV set and phone not even to the remote access: the current models of the brands Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony switch currently only at Samsung directly via iphone works on the program of your choice on Android. Here, an update will provide support for more models in the autumn 2015. For the switching ranges a tipper on the appropriate format in the app. The Gold version with remote control costs 0.99 Euro per month or is available in the annual subscription for 9.99 euros.

Four weeks free trial

The Gold version can be also one month completely free of charge test before buying. Install the app from the app store or Google play on your phone and open it. Go the menu in the app and there, tap on settings and TV Pro Gold. After a match prediction on voucher to redeem, enter COBI4TVPRO, and then OK to confirm. Then get a one month free use the capabilities of the Gold version.


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