Smartphone on the High Seas: So the Cruise Will Cost Trap

Who would like to make a journey through time in the early days of mobile telephony, a cruise book easily. On the ships, passengers pay up to 5 euro per conversation minute and much more data for a megabyte downloaded from the mobile Internet. Who are not previously informed about these prices and further leverages the Smartphone as usual, seen at the latest with the next cell phone bill a rude awakening.

Satellite connection extremely expensive

It is not so easy to find out the prices valid for Smartphone use on one of the many cruise ships. It has also technical reasons. Because the vessels via satellite to connect in the global telephone and data networks, to the shipping companies have signed contracts with the operators of these satellite networks. The cell phone provider about Telekom or O2 has also completed ideally contracts with the satellite operators.

Provider not very comfy

Which minutes, SMS and megabytes price now specifically applies to you, depends on what satellite operator provides the cruise ship you are on the road, and with what provider you have completed a mobile phone contract. A phone call to the hotline of the provider can be for this usually cannot be avoided, as the provider of cruises refer to your Web pages mostly on the cellular phone provider, but are also not very comfy on your Web pages.

EU rate does not apply on the high seas

But also when you get specific pricing information, these are mostly already beyond good and evil. Because on the high seas the usual roaming rates (about the EU tariffs) do not apply to the Smartphone Usage abroad. You would have to have reception to a mobile telephone mast on land, what does no more than near the coast.

Internet connection cut

So difficult many a user will fall, is therefore the best tip on board: Smartphone switch off. Because even incoming calls cost often more than 1 euro per minute. You should turn off all power so the mail box or set up an absolute call forwarding. Because a Smartphone also goes online without its owner, to synchronize data in the background, you should turn off the data connection at least.

Wi-Fi on Board also expensive

As an alternative to the Internet via satellite cellular to Wi-Fi most cruise ships. But also here the prices reminiscent of dark online stone age. So, the prices for only a minute lie between 0.19 and 0.49 euros. Since the bandwidth strongly depends on the quality of the satellite connection, even retrieving of E-Mails can already times significantly longer than a minute in length. Here you go better with hourly or day packages. But at prices more than 10 euros per hour, this is a very expensive solution.

Billing according to volume, as well as on the Mainland in is between customary, even among the absolute exception on the sea. So offers as Aida on some of his ships data packets between 250 MB and 3 GB for prices between 25 and 99 Euro. Also this is hardly a bearable option for online-junkies. Who is so dependent on holiday on a connection to the Internet or the accessibility via mobile, cruises are at least currently still little restful.

But the expectations of travellers rises: A cruise ship is a floating hotel, and in paid accommodation, travelers today expect a free and stable Internet access, says Sven Ehrmann Verivox consumer portal. And the beginning seems done: at least one of the major cruise lines namely Hurtigruten provides Wi-Fi for free.


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