SLR Against Mobile: Who Will Score the Better Photos?

Most people snap photos and videos these days with the Smartphone. It’s always in the Pocket, is ruck, no time provided, and the photos are divided into the nu via whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram. But those who places value on top image quality and individual settings, goes better with a classic photo camera. Our site has compared current SLR cameras with the best camera phones. See the results and comparison images in the photo gallery.

Mirror reflex against cell phone camera

Big chip = better pictures at lit

Make on a sunny day smartphones great pictures were it not the annoying screen reflections. It is often the motive only to hint at. Different photo cameras: In bright sunlight is to recognize when son adorns the sand castle with clams through the built-in viewfinder exactly. Closer look at the images fast falls the higher quality in the eye, which is due to the better image sensors and lenses. Consistently all tested cameras knipsten better photos than the test used top-Fotosmartphones Nokia Lumia 930, Apple iphone 6 plus and Samsung Galaxy S6. Photo cameras deal better with their larger sensors with large brightness differences, such as shooting in premises. When lit, the difference is even clearer: photo cameras take great photos without Flash, smartphones to produce mostly noisy, muddy images.

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Only an optical zoom is a good zoom

Optical zoom lenses bring distant subjects. Assuming you hold the camera still, there is no loss of quality. Quite unlike with regular smartphones. Zoom works only via digital zoom. At high resolution, and to a certain extent that’s fine, but at some point the pixels are calculated only: the image is then washed out and lose considerably in detail. To see the enormous difference to a zoom lens, in the photo gallery.

The best SLR cameras

22 cameras To the top models the best SLR cameras in the test

Setting thing: many options

All photo cameras have, like the Smartphone cameras, a fully automatic mode, so that the photographer must press the shutter button only. In addition, however, they offer numerous possibilities to change individual settings. Works about the many buttons and command dials usually pretty quickly. For example, the aperture by dial and the auto focus point via cross button can be adjusted at the same time. That works even without the camera to depose the motif thus remains in focus. On many Smartphones, there is a professional or expert mode, the are also some of the settings make. To do this, you must shimmy however mostly through any menus. Clear advantage for correct cameras. “Who wants to top photos, an SLR takes better are the phone snapping far ahead.” Sven Schulz, editor hardware

Heavier but less blurry

Self a lightweight camera weighs about 450 grams, some SLR cameras bring even up to a kilo on the scale. But the one advantage of the Smartphone is only, because the extra weight of the camera is useful when shooting: this quiet located in the hand, a real advantage is there less Verwackler especially when shooting videos.

Wanted: the best camera phone

50 camera phone photo smartphones compared camera phone review: the best photo smartphones compared


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