Research: on the Way to the Super Battery

The great leap in battery technology made researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) and Samsung by a hitherto unusual change: instead of as usual liquid electrolytes as power storage, the researchers led by Yan Wang and Gerbrand Ceder put on solid organic electrolytes. So far solids considered rather unfavorable, so the researchers searched for too long after the correct mixture. Recently in the online journal of nature materials, published the principles of new technology.

In current memory paradise: power battery, unbreakable
with the now found material mix of lithium, germanium, phosphorus and sulphur could it will be possible to build the long-awaited power packs for mobile devices such as Smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Using the new technique, the energy density is expected to increase for one. Do you mean: the batteries store more energy for the same size, are so powerful. On the other hand, such solid battery life should be almost unlimited the measly battery 500 charge cycles would therefore history.

Mobile runtimes: top and flop models

Which mobile phone is how long? Solids batteries are safer but still not ready
another advantage of the new technology: the batteries should be much safer. So, hardly any danger that the solid battery goes up in flames even if you throw it against the wall or edited with a hammer is according to the researchers. One weakness of the new batteries so far: you’re not ready for the market. How long the corresponding development is still ongoing, no one knows exactly, but solely because of the huge demand for such Super battery it should enough supporters for more research type.

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