Mobile Phone Tariffs For Young People: To Attract Providers And Students

Advertise the network operator Telecom, Vodafone and O2, the mobile virtual network operator 1 & 1 with special rates for the attention of young people, pupils and students. O2 about grants a discount of 5 euros to the monthly fee its allnet flat rates and doubled the volume of included. Other providers, while the monthly costs remain constant, but there are to in the mobile Internet as well as in addition or as an alternative a SMS-flat or premium access here too more volume for excursions a music streaming service

Who is allowed to use special tariffs?

The exact offers of the four provider Our site has brought together in the text line. There you will also learn what requirements you must meet in order to take advantage of the special rates at all. Because as a student with the special conditions at least for most providers is no later than 30.

Fares for students

Rate comparison is always worth

Who would anyway be customer at one of the four providers and brings the necessary prerequisites, quietly allowed access to the special fares for young people. Who is merely looking for a fantastic bargain, should make a rate comparison student or trainee as students. For Allnet flatrates with SMS-flats and much inclusive volume there is quite for significantly lower fees.

Buying guide: mobile phone tariffs for children

Discounters often cheaper

Here vigorously involved especially the low-cost provider. They offer while no special conditions for young people. But they don’t have to, because here the normal tariffs are very low. You will have while on extras such as a premium access to Spotify or Deezer. But with the money you save, you can complete a corresponding subscription streaming service.


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