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Here’s the order of winsim tariffs

At this point, the most recent or most interesting bargains around the telecommunications world be checked every week. Worth the advertised special promotions and discounts?

New and already a bargain: Moto G3

The Moto G of 3rd generation has been unveiled recently. And could persuade the test improved camera with waterproof housing. Single hook: as first Moto G model it costs well over 200 euros, namely 229 euro. Who needs just a cheap 1 gigabyte rate (O2 network) and hardly any phone/text (50 free minutes/50 free SMS), get the Moto 3 G the tariff costs 9.99 Euros generation for 1 euro. If you want to find a problem: the Moto G3 cannot be LTE, the tariff. At the price but is bleating on high level.
Offer: Moto G3 for $1 with 1-GB Flat for 9,99 Euro

Galaxy S6 edge with thick Vodafone LTE tariff

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is currently at number 1 of the COMPUTER screen Smartphone leaderboard. But it is expensive. Normally at least. In the package with a 1.5 GB-allnet-flat in the Vodafone network however there the S6 edge in the recommended 64 GB version in the package with the 2.5-gigabyte Flatrate Vodafone smart XL (monthly less than 45 euros) for €1.50 supplement. Good: Use of LTE in the Vodafone is included, normal SMS and calls also. Also, cheap mobile sets to 3 7.0 Lite still a Samsung Galaxy tab. In the face of a hardware value of around 800 euros a good offer. All about the money, the bundle with the smaller tariff is cheaper L smart (less than 40 euros a month plus 15 Euro surcharge.) For frequent surfers the 1.5 gigabyte flat rate is something to small but perhaps
Offer: 2.5 Gigabyte-Allnet-LTE-Flat in the Vodafone Network with Galaxy S6 Edge 64 GB

Without mobile: 1 GB LTE with SMS Flatrate for €4.99

When it comes to cheap fares, there are however more favourable possibilities: so winsim offers a LTE flat rate with 1 GB high speed data volume continues for 4,99 Euro a month , for 8.99 euros the 2-gigabyte package, each including SMS-flat. New: For 14.95 euros, there is a 2 GB-LTE-flat with complete allnet flat for voice calls and SMS. For LTE surfers, all winsim action rates are extremely attractive, if the used O2 network site offers already LTE. Who wants to check that, should check before the cover with the our site network test app. There are two hooks: 1. The preset data automatic exceeding the included volume automatically posts a new 100-MB data package for 2 euro. And then another one. And one more thing. Come together at the end of 300 MB for 6 euros. After all, to change just the option in our service area (see tariff options Internet flat select 1 GB). Also the speed when volume used on is reduced drastically kbps on 16. So it should be here always a number bigger book.
Offer: winsim Tariffs as of 4.99 Euro

Vodafone allnet flat including HTC Smartphone

A 2 GB allnet flat for 14.95 euro is great for frequent surfers. Wenig – and normal users however should come out with 500 gigabytes. And better get with the combination of allnet flat for phone calls and Internet (500 MB). Because there’s also the new mid-range Smartphone HTC desire 626 G dual SIM, that alone has over 200 euros for 14.85 euros a month and unique 19.95 euro. Assessment: Who looks at mobile no videos and is satisfied with a solid middle-class device, wrong with the offer. Single hook: LTE is not and after 24 months increases the monthly fee to $5. In case of doubt should therefore not later than 3 months before terminate.
Available in: HTC Desire 626 G flat

Vodafone Prepaid with LTE for 9,99 Euro

Also Vodafone itself there is now a favourable Callya prepaid tariff with LTE. The package of 500 MB and 200 free minutes/SMS in all German networks is respectable. At the Telekom looking so something in vain.

Here’s the offer: Callya 500 MB-LTE-flat for 9,99 Euro

Router + Gigaset phone

Looking for a router with a (V) DSL modem, and telephone, so far on the Fritz box not came. But now there is an alternative: the TP-link Archer VR200v section in the Our site test well. For about 15 euros charge against Internet specials in the our site action a Gigaset phone it tuned there. The highlight: A Gigaset tuned DECT base is already built into the router. The package price from 139 euros covers the purchase until September 6 and order code our site over the Internet address our site.


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