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Test conclusion: what you should know

The LG Magna is an Android Smartphone with current operating system and a proper display. In everyday operation is simple by hand, but it is simply too slow for computation-intensive games. If you use your Smartphone humanely and much surfing, also lacks LTE. Best price on the Internet: 151,09 euro * this product at Amazon order Pro simple operation battery replace memory card slot neat display handy housing contra no LTE and NFC poor game performance weak front camera satisfactory assessment of editorial users rating now to review the LG Magna there is August 27 for 169 euro at Aldi Nord. The discount pricing is once again geared to the lowest Internet price and undercutting him around 10 euros. Together with two years warranty and 10 euro Aldi talk starting balance there to offer nothing. The question is whether the Magna is worth its money or whether there are no better alternatives?

LG Magna

Product photos and screenshots

LG Magna: housing and processing

The rear of the plastic in a metal-look is slightly structured. The matte finish offers ordinary grip and fits well in the hand. All edges are rounded. The plastic cover encloses the central navigation button, you know the LG G3 and the close relatives of LG spirit and LG Leon, which there also as Aldi offer. The volume buttons are located above and below and are easy to locate. The Magna has a simple, understated appearance. It measures 70 × 140 × 10 mm and weighs 137 grams.

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At Aldi Nord, there are the LG Magna for 169 euro 27 August 2015. Our site shows how good are smartphones and offer. Aldi range check: LG Magna for 169 euro

Softly curved display

A small extravagance but afford the Magna, but they must already pay careful attention to detect the slightly curved screen as such. The swing is not as pronounced as at the LG G Flex 2. The 5-inch display is a correct impression. The resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels ensures a sharp image with at least 295 ppi. Compared to the smaller brothers LG spirit and LG Leon, the display is crisp, the colors are richer, the contrast higher. The brightness is okay, but not strong enough to defy outdoors the Sun.

Equipment and battery

When operating system Android 5.0.1 lollipop used the LG largely intact can be. Bluetooth in the version 4 and Wi-Fi b/g/n the normal motion and light sensors joined. Even an FM radio is on board. The battery is replaceable and properly sized with a capacity of 2,540 mah. In the practice test endurance was one of the features of the LG Magna.

Memory, speed and processor: killjoy

Share the calculations a quad-core processor (mediatek MT6582) with up to 1.3 ghz and a Mali-400 MP graphics unit. The same architecture works well in the LG spirit. In everyday life it feels most of the time, a sufficiently fast device to use. It is rarely used. When demanding say: The mobile device calculation-intensive 3D games quickly to its limits. For gamers, the LG Magna emits no good playmates. The benchmark Antutu v5. 1 7 reinforces the impression and certifies a decent overall performance, but a poor graphic calculation. Anyway, benchmarks are not really the thing of the Magna. In the Geekbench 3 remains the Magna with 1,192 points even behind an old Samsung Galaxy S3.

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The LG Magna has a camera that resolves with up to 8 megapixels. The menu of the camera are Spartan and clearly laid out. Much game stuff is not from House on board. The Magna makes usable images suffering from color noise but particularly when solid surfaces (for example, sky). So that you can make a picture of the quality of the photo itself, see the article links on original recordings. In bad light, the Flash provides a noticeable whitening. Resolves the front camera with 5 megapixels. The photos were much worse than with the main camera. The background was focused on Selfies and face slightly out of focus. There is no touch focus at the front-facing camera. She takes as the main camera videos in full HD-resolution (1920 x 1080) on, in the dull sight test and were out of focus.

Upgradeable memory

8 gigabyte (GB) memory are just 3.6 GB available. The analysis tool spits out 953 MB RAM. A microsd is not included. Given the meager capacity, plan a memory card (up to 32 GB). “The LG Magna is conspicuously inconspicuous. Without LTE it is no real bargain.”Michael HUCH, Editor

Operation: knock, knock…

Via double tap on the display, the Magna wakes up. LG calls the knockcode a very practical feature, you can still continue to set up in the settings. At all the operation of Android-5 surface remains a little mystery. During Setup, you determine whether the virtual keys are on a black or white background and whether the back button is placed left or right. The Magna with 5 inches for one-hand operation is too large, then tweak it and move about the virtual keyboard on the edge (see Photo Gallery).

Conclusion: LG Magna

The LG Magna is an Android Smartphone with current operating system and a proper display. In everyday operation is simple by hand, but it is simply too slow for computation-intensive games. If you use your Smartphone humanely and much surfing, also lacks LTE. Competition comes from private home: the LG spirit 4 G LTE has although a slightly smaller display, but has the data Turbo. On top of that, it’s cheaper. In the price range of the Magna also the Motorola Moto G roams wild 4 G LTE of second-generation. Recently, there was the phone for Aldi 159 euro. For many of the better offer.

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