Icloud: So You iphone, ipad and Macbook Places

If iphone stolen, lost or just anywhere, forget was, begins the stress. But using find my iphone have the chance to see where the device is located. This applies also to ipads, ipods and even macbooks. To have access to the hardware, in case of an emergency, you need to find my iphone the function enable in the settings under icloud in the lower part of the menu. Once done, you have two options: either you seek (and find) the iphone browser on any computer, or you use that app find my iphone on another device. Our site will tell you how you do it.

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Iphone, ipad or macbook places without app

To find your hardware to the PC or Mac browser, just go to the Web page of the icloud. There, the function is available to my iphone. By clicking on the icon opens a map on which already after a few minutes should be seen, where the hardware is located. The point is green, so it is actually the current position. He is grey, the page displays the last known location. If your iphone has been stolen you have following options: either chasing the thief, or delete at least all private data from the device. This is done via the menu at the top right of the map, which opens after clicking the info Sybol. There, you can play a loud sound, display a message on the lock screen, or delete the iphone.

Iphone, ipad or macbook places with app:

Have an another idevice, stands in the app store even a handy app ready. After the login, it includes the same functionality as the icloud in the browser, but on top of that even a navigation to the site offers. The app is available free of charge and also works with other logins, if, for example, the iphone of a friend lost.


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