Huawei Mediapad X 2: Test of the OCTA-Core Phablets

Test conclusion: what you should know

More than a facelift: the second version of the mediapads works quicker, with LTE and dual-SIM offers a significantly better equipment and has greater cameras. Also can the battery last much longer. So, the mediapad X 2 customers will receive a good tablet that can be used as a phone. Best price on the Internet: 368,04 euro * per order this product at Amazon sharp display high pace of work long battery life memory expandable LTE, dual-SIM phone calls, SMS and MMS possible against strong reflections playback by audio output slightly distorted only Wi-Fi-n test note of the editorial 2.39 almost 20 hours of battery life, sharp display good users rating (out of 2 reviews), high pace of work were the main results of the mediapad X 1. The second version will make everything even better. If s works? Our site has the chic 7-incher mediapad X 2 with Android 5.0 extensively tested

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The first version of the Huawei mediapad convinced the test number 2 now follows. What can the mediapad X 2 be better? Huawei mediapad X 2: Android-5.0-tablet in the test

Weight: slightly higher

With 7.9 millimetres, the X is slightly thicker than its predecessor (7.2 mm) 2, the weight increases marginally by six to now 254 grams. Class: Feels like the X 1 X 2’s elegant and sits comfortably in the hand.

Huawei mediapad X 2: product photos and screenshots

20 product photos and screenshots see Huawei mediapad X 2

Display: sharp with rich colors

The new Huawei tablet also has a full-HD display that but now almost left and right in the vertical to the edges is enough. It shows the maximum brightness was photos and videos very sharp with rich colors, but something dark in the test at 545 candela per square meter. This value enough but, even with lots of Sun on the otherwise strong reflective display something to recognize.

The tablets with the best image quality

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Much radio: Wi-Fi, LTE and dual SIM

The scoop: the mediapad X 2 has slots for two SIM cards and can be used as a phone so can separate the private and professional users. This of course also applies to surfing the Internet; by fast LTE, surf trips are possible but only via the appropriate SIM card into the top slot. Too bad: Who is surfing on the net at home, can only in the older Wi-Fi n standard after all, both in the 2.4 gigahertz – and the trouble-free 5-gigahertz range.

The fastest Tablet

25 units the fastest tablet

Pace of work: stronger drive

Completely trouble-free was also the determination of the pace of work: the Huawei marched with neat steam through the trials. No wonder, the 8-core developed by the subsidiary hisilicon Kirin 930 serves as a drive finally. It based on one of the British company designed chip ARM with so-called big-little technique. In other words: with more sophisticated software such as games or Photoshop element jumps the strong processor Quartet (big); simple tasks like Facebook, Spotify & co. Acquires the slightly weaker Quartet (little). The CPU so not constantly works with high octane; the splitting-up of processor cores in two groups saves energy and conserves the battery so.

The tablets with the longest battery life

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Battery very long

That turned out to be effective in practice the mediapad X 2 proved itself true endurance: test the tablet with heavy use accounted for only the lights after 16 hours and 39 minutes , at low usage were in there so even 48 hours and 46 minutes. The charging time of the new mediapad X neither particularly short nor miserable was 2 with 4 hours and 50 minutes long.

The best tablets

Cameras: significantly better

At a higher level than before, the quality of the two cameras is. The back copy now takes photos and videos with 13 megapixels. Apart from slight blur with red passages, the recordings for a Tablet-lens are quite neat. Beautiful: Pictures can be equipped with effects, about rear light traces of moving cars. The front camera (5 megapixel) recorded relatively sharply in videocalls users. The automatic brightness control responded in the test but sometimes slightly slow.


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