Expired: Lte Tariff For 6.99 Euros Monthly Including 1 Gb Surf Flat

Smartphone plan for 6.99 Euro per month! Secure LTE flat with 1 GB per month for high speed surfing! Who not too much on the phone with the phone, but extensively surfs should be suspicious: the exclusive LTE rate for monthly only 6,99 Euro smartmobil.de and our site can mobile surf on the Internet in the LTE high-speed Tempo (data rate up to 50 Mbps) per month for 1 gigabyte of data volume, watch videos, play online games or upload photos. 100 free call minutes and 100 SMS to all German networks are also included.

Mini-LTE-tariff for Maxi-surf fun

LTE mini special in the our site Edition exclusive tariff average Smartphone owners use behavior involving. The statistics portal Statista calculated Association provider of telecommunications and value added services (VATM) and the consumer portal Verivox: Most cell phone owners need no (allnet-flat) flat rate for unlimited calls and SMS a large volume of data is important for many! According to these surveys, telephoned the German average users per month only 143 minutes and shipped just 35 SMS. With the 100 inclusive call minutes and 100 inclusive SMS in all German networks, who’s stuck in the super cheap our site rate, you are all right. The inclusive units are gone, more call minutes or SMS cost only 15 cents.

Smartphone plan for 6.99 Euro per month! Secure LTE flat with 1 GB per month for high speed surfing!

No run-time binding over two years: tariff monthly cancellable

Must not two years bind themselves in the exclusive Edition LTE mini special as opposed to many other rates, but can terminate at the end of the month with 30-day period. In the tariff developed exclusively by Our site requirements, each plug also monthly inclusive minutes for calls and SMS included in all German networks.

Extra option instead of data brake

Fürs surfing with LTE speed is every user of the our site rate monthly a lush gigabytes available. Who has exhausted this quota and LTE further surfing does not want to renounce, may buy up to three times per month per 100 megabytes for LTE speed for the price of 2 euros each (see data automatic). Incidentally, readers who have no LTE Smartphone, can of course also use the tariff: you surf with maximum 21.1 Mbps in the UMTS network by O2.

Data automatic

During the tillage can a data automatic booking. If you enable them for your fare, surfing speed not abruptly slowed, once you have used up your monthly data quota: so are up to three times 100 megabytes pre-booked in the month automatically. The automatic mode is not enabled. You can choose the data function at any time in the personal service sector, by E-Mail or via the customer hotline or to book. The cost per packet are however relatively high.

So get your fare

Overview: the LTE-mini-special fare offers

Provider smartmobil.de tariff LTE mini special (our site) net O2 calls monthly 100 included minutes (all German mobile phone networks and the German fixed network), then 15 cents per minute. SMS monthly 100 inclusive SMS (to all German mobile networks), then 15 cents per SMS. Internet flat rate Yes, 1 gigabyte per month, including speed up to 1 GB per month up to 50 Mbps,
1 GB per month 16 kbps monthly fee 6,99 Euro connection fee (one-off) shipping fee (instead of 29,99 Euro) SIM card (one-off) 4,99 Euro minimum 1 month period of notice of 30 days to the end of the month to book bags data option for LTE speed Max 3 x 100 megabytes (up to 50 Mbps) to EUR 2 per month
Smartphone plan fo r 6,99 Euro per month! LTE-flat with 1 GB per month for high speed surfing save!


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