Dress and Friends: The Wardrobe This App Makes Smarter

Clothes make the man we know and with the content of our cabinets we could dress probably 150 of them in all sizes and colors, and for every season. Only for one itself is something never! Whether hot date or important job interview: who went wild in the closet like a raccoon in the trash can, rarely pulls out a winning outfit, but comes to the following conclusion: I have to attract anything! So, time is to gain insight, to be inspired by the existing clothes and in addition to ask friends for advice or (in all acute cases) to a loan. The app dress and friends want to link styling plagued and ambitious fashionistas and thus be a kind of Facebook for the closet.

Once inventory

I had not even a purple scarf? Just who is well sorted, keeps track of all the pants, skirts, dresses, cufflinks and hairpins, which have accumulated over the years in cupboards, dressers and drawers. With the app you can bring order to chaos once: capture your pieces and put together your existing favorite outfits. So forget not the successes of the last fittings also: for example, that the yellow strappy Sandals have much better suited to the blue chiffon dress as the nudefarbenen ballerinas. You can archive directly also the matching earrings. The big advantage: The outfit is down to the smallest detail and takes less time at the next event.

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Friends and strangers to help get

The hat is too much of a good? Do I look fat in these pants? Not only teenagers demand answers on these very important questions. Clarify that it via direct message within the app! For every outfit you whether this private archive for yourself or whether you share your fashion achievements are free to: with selected friends or publicly. You can invite your friends via Facebook, whatsapp or E-Mail to participate in your wardrobe madness. In addition, many fashion bloggers show their styles. Within the app get suitable suggestions, fashionistas can follow, ask them to their outfits, or simply inspired release.

Sell or burn?

Some finds in the Cabinet raises only a question: what the hell was I thinking only? Whether fashion missteps or youthful indiscretions of the past decades: In the app’s own market place each product to find a buyer. Here you unloved can sell or trade for something else. The app is so all-in-all close to the luxuries on it that you could enjoy as a child: a mommy that all clothes fit out places and gives away, which is not good. And who knows, maybe dress and friends Yes finally clarifies the question already asked Rolf Zuckowski in the late Siebziegern in one of his children’s songs: what I get dressed? What dress I, so that you can see me well?

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I know that but still from the film!

There is the app free for iphone and Android. The vision a clothes software that helps with the styling, there was incidentally, 1995: in the US teen comedy clueless scours the spoiled millionaire daughter Cher (Alicia Silverstone) not only her closet for the perfect outfit, but also a smart computer program and of course their floor.


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