Bosch and Our Site Jointly Develop Navi Cards

Ensure Google and other Internet companies increasingly to cause trouble in the auto industry. No manufacturer wants to go into dependency of young corporate California. Therefore, the auto parts supplier and Navi manufacturer Bosch and tomtom forge an Alliance. The German Dutch team wants to establish together high resolution digital maps, as they are required for autonomous cars. Thus, a circle is closed: the first navigation systems from Bosch worked with teleatlas maps, which were taken over by tomtom a few years ago. For example Navi systems by Mercedes and VW digital maps of tomtom are currently using. In addition to Google’s biggest competitor is here. The former Nokia subsidiary had become the major supplier for car manufacturers through the acquisition of the map provider NAVTEQ and to BMW and Mercedes are applied now by an Alliance of Audi,.

These 20 cars are self-drive

A few centimeters of accuracy

Already contain the Navi cards to every street hundreds attributes such as speed limits, traffic restrictions, number of tracks, and much more. While but get today’s GPS systems with an accuracy of a few meters, it needs to be improved for future cars on 20 cm to 50 cm. To get information on curves and gradients and updates at much shorter intervals than today. These special cars tomtom are on the way to capture roads, routes and traffic signs. Soon, the fleet will be expanded to cars with other sensors for detecting environment. The cars send their data to a central server that verified it and sends almost live on the Navi systems. Until the end of 2015, already all motorways and motorway-like roads of Germany should be appropriately recorded.


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