Android Wear: Smartwatch Operating System at a Glance    

Already in March 2014, Google Android wear has presented as an operating system for Smartwatches. An official presentation followed by then in June 2014 in the context of the Google I/O. Android 4.4 serves as the basis for Android wear, however it has slimmed down the surface compared to the Smartphone operating system significantly. It is operated via voice commands and touchscreen interactions.

Latest news for Android wear

24 August 2015: Interactive dials and mehrSchon very soon Google will publish new features for Smartwatches. It aims to make an attractive and versatile products equipped with Android wear especially in regard to the competition in the form of Apple Watch. Interactive dials, which are intended to replace partly full apps are a new feature. So bits in small circular displays widgets next to the time more, about missed calls, new emails, the battery as well as traveled steps. Under Armour is an another interactive dial, which represents fitness values. Together can be content, such as images and status messages to share with a specific partner. Also, Google Translator application integrating all Android wear Smartwatches plans. In practice, it should suffice to speak in the smart gadget. The translator automatically detects the spoken language. According to TNWNews, the translator supports 44 languages.

23 June 2015: 17 new Watchfaces of PartnerfirmenIn cooperation with diverse partners Google for Android wear equal to 17 new dials, the so-called Watchfaces, presented. Among the new designs are among other designs by Bang & Olufsen, Hello Kitty, Rubik s, Rovio or the Moomin.


The Watchfaces are free available on the play store and part of over 4,000 different choices.

20 may 2015: Update to version 5.1.1 kommtWie Google in Android-wear-Forum Announces the company will start with the distribution of Android-wear version 5.1.1. The update allows among other things to draw Emoji on the Smartwatch screen and send to friends. In addition, compatible watches combine in the future also with Wi-Fi. So you need to have around at home not always the Smartphone in your pocket to use Android wear fully. The Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch 3 and Samsung gear live but only works with the models LG watch urban, Motorola. As always: Google distributes the fresh software step by step. So perhaps it takes a few days, until the update on your Smartwatch. An exception is the LG watch urban on the is already installed the version 5.1.1. To get the new version, the current version of Android wear app must be installed on your Smartphone.

April 22, 2015: Update for Android wear AppAm April 20 announced a major update to the Smartwatch operating system Android wear for Google. One of the changes: the watches can to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi in the future. Users can simply transfer the access data for wireless network connection on the wrist, the company provides an updated version of the Android wear-app for smartphones in the play store now available. You need to connect clock and Smartphone. By Cloudsynchronisierung transfer all stored Wi-Fi data from your phone to the clock. The crux: Google then stores your data from watch and Smartphone on your own servers. Who does not want that switches off the function in the settings. This also applies to the sensor data of the clock. The fitness service Google wants to save fit like that.


The developers have also worked on the optical of wear-Android app. The application is now much clearer.

April 20, 2015: Big update for Android WearGoogle equips all watches with the operating system Android wear via software update with new features. This informs the company in the Android blog. Therefore, the watches in the future not only of the Smartphone but also via Wi-Fi connect to the Internet. Also apps can now take advantage of the always-on screen and so long viewing content on the display until the user quits the application. Great add-on: so that the function consumes too much power, Android wear represents only then colored the screen contents, if you look at the display.
In addition, Google extends the system to a gesture control. In the future, simply turn your wrist in the direction in which to scroll to. In addition, users have now faster access to apps and contacts. Tap the screen once, entering a menu that shows all installed applications. Wipe to the left, call your contacts. After repeated mopping, you will find the famous menu, which you have among other things access to the settings. Users can now also send Emoji answer messages. Great: You just draw it on the screen. The update is first for the LG watch urban available and should reach all other watches in the next few weeks.

March 20, 2015: Android wear helps when the Smartphone SucheWie Google gives in a blog entry, the developer link Android Device Manager with Android wear. The advantage: Who moved his Smartphone future, finds it with the help of his Smartwatch. This is the voice command OK Google. Start. My phone can find sufficient. Alternatively, tap on the entry find my phone on the start menu. The new feature is available to all Android wear users in the next few weeks available.

March 11, 2015: Android-wear update GestensteurungWeil brings the Apple Watch only with the iPhone and Android-wear watches (stand: 11 March 2015) only connect to Android smartphones, Google does fear really no competition. Nevertheless, moved the company to promote and released a commercial for his Smartwatch operating system shortly before the Apple-watch event. Now emerging that the next software update brings new features. As the verge reported with reference to an insider, the watches in the future via Wi-Fi connect to the Internet. A Bluetooth connection to the Smartphone is no longer necessary. In addition, the Motorola support Moto 360 & co. also gesture control. Instead of touching the touch screen, users can simply move the wrist to scroll through the now-Google maps.

11 December 2014: Android wear updates a blog post announcing Google of update for Android wear. Play store, users can now download additional Watchfaces in the area referred to start display. To simplify the process, the developers have updated the Android wear app for your Smartphone. Previously you needed to play on third-party applications. Last during separate Watchfaces sensation, because various watches manufacturers legally went forth against their creator. Furthermore, Phandroid reports that Google starts to distribute Android 5.0.1 for Android wear. The update of the operating system to can provide among other things for a better battery life in the available watches and improve the operation of the software, users get back wiped away cards. Google distributes all innovations in the near future to the users.

Android wear: No Smartphone hardly anything goes


Without coupled Android Smartphone, the establishment of a Smartwatch not even work. The reason: Android wear is not a stand-alone system, but as an extended arm for the Smartphone. Connect both devices via Bluetooth. Now, it is still possible to copy music to the memory of the watch. Also the latest update for the operating system allowed the use of the GPS sensor (if available in the watch), without that must be close to the Smartphone. Say: Athletes take the clock to go jogging, capture it with the Smarwatch the running track and listen to music through Bluetooth headphones.

Android wear: Equipment overview

8 Smartwatches LG, Motorola & co.

Android wear: Google now in focus

Google’s digital assistant Google now is at the heart of Android wear. This should provide also Smartwatch carrier precisely with the right information when they are needed. Morning after getting up, around the clock displays the weather. The user at the airport upon check-in, boarding seems QR-code on the display. Like on the phone, the information also on the Smartwatch appear as cards. Wipe one of them aside, appears more even on the phone for a while. In addition to Google now maps, Android wear displays incoming calls, emails and other communications. You want to reply to a message, a voice command is enough. The Smartphone then remains in the bag.

Compatible apps


There are no stand-alone applications for the operating system. A Smartphone app with Android wear is compatible, this comes during the regular installation about the play store at the same time on the clock. Currently, there are around 200 apps in the play store available that are compatible with Android wear. Among these are such popular Messenger WhatsApp and the Facebook Messenger.


Instead of complex interaction Google opts for simple communication: a new alert arrives, it will display the clock in a window. It wipes the message to one side, she disappeared once on the Smartphone. Who would like to control the clock vice versa via the mobile phone, the appropriate command speaks a write down notes using voice commands let, send messages or start a Google search. The job is done, the watch offers more simple command functions.


All Android watches work almost immediately!


All Android wear watches are equal at least, as far as operation and basic functions. Google’s chief engineer David Burke before the Google I/O in the interview Ars Technica announced with the US website that no manufacturer own user interfaces on the chronograph are allowed in contrast to smartphones and tablets. This should contribute to a consistent user experience and ensure rapid updates. The concept became apparent at the first Android-wear-Smartwatches Samsung gear live and LG G watch. Their software has the same build number and kernel version. So the clocks only in the design and details, such as installed apps and hardware tools such as pulse meter (Samsung), screen technology and a larger battery (LG) differ.

Smartwatch news 2016

35 Smartwatches Apple Watch & Co.

The competitors offer


The competition on the Smartwatch market never sleeps: thus increased by Samsung for the gear of 2 out of Android on the own system Tizen. While the South Koreans have an Android wear watch on sale, that is but probably also the newer gear runs the exception S Samsung’s operating system with the gear live. In addition has the watch over a 3 g module, with the phone itself can be. Also Hewlett-Packard dispensed with the HP MB Chronowing is not necessary, on the Google software since it lacks a touch screen. A real measure comes by 2015 with the Apple Watch on the market.

Android wear is still at the beginning


Currently, Android wear works only in conjunction with Android smartphones and tablets. As the Huffington Post UK reported, Google does not rule out iOS but an implementation for apples. Android wear product manager Jeff Chang commented that you would be always as many users as possible participate in the experience. However, a possible implementation put together not only with Google’s plans. There were technical limitations, it is but very helpful, according to Chang. There are already at least a small glimmer of hope also the data glasses Google Glass is compatible with the iPhone. But this all is pie in the sky which, unlike current update for the operating system: under the name Android wear lollipop has the latest Android version 5.0 also on the Smartwatches.

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