Acer Iconia Tab 10: Test of Full-HD Tablets

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Acer Iconia tab 10 is somewhat thick and hard to get, but because you get used to, especially since the device with a great screen, a good processing and much equipment shines. A weak point is the short battery life just a tablet in this weight class should persevere longer. Best price on the Internet: 248,33 EUR * per order this product at Amazon great display high pace of work memory expandable wireless-ac (2.4 and 5 ghz) NFC and Bluteooth 4.0 contra comparatively thick and hard short battery life test note of Editor 3.12 satisfactory rate now user rating for notebooks, Acer also with tablets looking pcs the success on the market so far but with modest results. Worldwide market share was 2014 at two per cent, rank the Taiwanese statistics only among others. The turn brings the new flagship Iconia tab 10 with Android 5.0? Our site has the brand new unit tested.

Acer Iconia tab 10: product photos and screenshots

18 product photos and screenshots see Acer Iconia tab 10

Housing: chic, heavy and thick

With its structured back looks the Acer not only chic but is also enjoyably and safely in the hands. However, it is quite heavy and very nice dick advised with a 9 mm with 594 grams. For comparison: Sony’s is noble but twice as expensive Xperia Z4 Tablet only 6 millimeters thick and 393 grams easily. Good: A cover of Gorilla glass 4 protects the touch screen. In the test, the screen turned out to be very resistant against scratches.

Display: sharp and dark

The display is a stunner, with 1920 x 1200 resolution it showed movies very sharp and crisp colors even if the not always fluent presented Acer color transitions. But this is whining at a high level, the somewhat low brightness and the reflective surface deserve more criticism. Who’s looking in the free movies, therefore a shady spot search should be

Video on the topic

10 Acer Iconia tab is not a top tablet, but good middle-class. Where can the device points, where it shows weaknesses? Acer Iconia tab 10 in the test: How good is normal?

Android: friendly and tidy

Totally operation is, however, not a problem: current Android version 5.0 has nicely designed Acer for the Iconia and cleaned up. So users can navigate quickly. The processor Intel Atom Z3735F reached speed measurements while no top values, in everyday use he was but always enough power available also when many apps and several websites were parallel open.

Battery: only seven hours!

Sucking the Intel processor and the high-resolution display but the energy storage in the test case of intensive use was strong on the battery, after 7 hours and 1 minute completely empty, at low use 19 hours and 27 minutes were in there. That are not intoxicating values.

Extras: nice and well thought-out

Extras, thanks to NFC deserve praise and Bluetooth can be appropriate speakers or Smartphones quickly pair with the tablet. Users can also set their own gestures to speedy per tip with all five fingers to unlock the device, for example,.


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