Sony MDR-1A in the Test

The Sony MDR-1A is suitable as a closed-back headphones for mobile use. We have tested it sounds like the discreetly designed on-ear headphones.

The trend to the closed ear-enclosing headphones still continues. Especially mobile that also has its advantages: the music not perish in the ambient noise and the seat neighbour on the bus one not on the collar, because he experienced involuntarily all beats. And a statement, you can with larger audience outside more easily.

At the MDR-1A long way but rather in the direction of discreetly and elegantly: silver-grey plastic meets dark brown leather (or alternatively black on black with red application). The handset is much easier than it looks at first glance and his 225 grams very easily spread around generously proportioned upholstery. The 1.2 meter measuring cable is removable and interchangeable against one including microphone and start-stop remote control for use with your Smartphone.

Portifriendly impedance with huge 102db, efficiency is an ideal companion on the road the MDR-1A. Also its simple sound adjustment contributes to this. Responsible for the inserted 40 mm wide strips with aluminium-coated liquid crystal polymer membrane records.

Hearing test

Somewhat more closely in the figure and restrained in the Middle, it even still a bit wuchtiger in the bass than the focal spirit one S the Sony provided a compelling listening experience.

Tasteful and elegant as his appearance he had in ‘Go Back’ relax with warm Groove Jazz Damon Albarn. Even if “Willow” by Elizabeth Shepherd liked especially the juicy full beat and the full body-like guitar. Even in quieter environments, by the way you miss neither Bassgroove nor dynamics at Sony.


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