Panasonic RP-HD10 in the Test

The Panasonic RP-HD10 shines with high comfort and high-tech drivers. The test shows how the impact on the sound of the on-ear headphones.

Panasonic boasts the RP HD10 as hi-res headphones and took it deep into the bag of tricks. Only the description of the 50-millimeter driver resembles a NASA order for the next space station: high polymer membrane for multi layer technology with 201 layers and anti-vibration converter frame.

Do you mean the wide strips dazzling in all colors like chitin armor to can work fast, stable and free from disturbing vibrations. Externally the Panasonic gives professional black, with a particularly laudable Clou: not only the headband is adjustable, also the listeners capsules are moving horizontally and secure so actually best seat for each head. Through the generous leather upholstery pleasantly and very comfortable to wear it anyway.

The Panasonic until distortion technically coming at levels over 100dB in distress is recommended with a broadband and balanced, strong bass frequency response. Efficiency agents: 100, 5dB, impedance: 18, 8Ω

Panasonic RP-HD10: hearing test

Sonically the listener interested editors increasingly due to its fresh, beautiful resolution game, almost atypical a closed over earphones of this size.

The bass, however, showed lush, fully and consistently present at low levels as a very typical -. Together a blend that accompanied, for example, the airy keyboard arrangement “Oxygen” from the cabin project with the exactly appropriate, full beat. Next in the figure as, for example, the Sony MDR-1A (test), but with a similarly impressive bass boost and tone body.

18 Ohm impedance, the HD10 very well on the Smartphone and postage involved even at quiet levels. The frequent callers must waive the microphone or remote control, however.


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