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NK allround 2016. This will take place between 22 and 24 January 2016. The title defender is in the men’s Sven Kramer and Ireen Wüst women. The games will be broadcast by NOS-TV and live stream.

Results NK allround 2016


Results NK allround 2015

In the Olympic year is difficult to give anyone favorites are. Some riders do it consciously slow down. Others are keen for a good result. We also need to see how the riders will do it with their new teams. In the men’s Sven Kramer, Jan Blokhuijsen and Koen Verweij favorite for the title. In the women’s Ireen Wüst towering favorite.
In men won Koen Verweij 500m 36.15. He remained Lucas van Alphen and Jan Blokhuijsen for. Sven Kramer was fourth and Jorrit Bergsma 19. Jorrit Bergsma won the 5000 meters 6: 13:53. Sven Kramer was second and Wouter Olde Heuvel third. Wouter Olde Heuvel managed to write his name in the mile in 1: 46.39. Silver was for Koen Verweij and bronze for Sven Kramer. Jorrit Bergsma won the 10 km in 13: 03.90. Silver was Sven Kramer and bronze for Wouter Olde Heuvel. The final rankings for Sven Kramer with 149,353 points. He was to achieve champion without a win. Others were Wouter Olde Heuvel and third Koen Verweij.
In the women’s Ireen Wüst won the 500 meters 39.17. Second and third place respectively Annouk van der Weijden and Jorien Voorhuis. 3000 meters also won by Ireen Wüst 4: 2:27. Yvonne Nauta won silver and bronze Diane Valkenburg. Ireen Wüst won the 1500 meters 1: 55.44. Second and third were marrit leenstra and Linda de Vries.Carlijn achtereekte won the 5000 meters 7: 03.72. For Jorien House came second and third Ireen Wüst. The final classification was won by Ireen Wüst with 160,599 points. Silver is for Jorien Home and bronze for Linda de Vries.
Saturday, December 27

  • 12.15 500 meter Ladies
  • 13:00 500m Men
  • 13.45h 3000 meter Ladies
  • 15:30 5000 meters male

Sunday, December 28

  • 13.30 1500 meter Ladies
  • 14:30 1500 meters men
  • 15:30 5000 meters for ladies
  • 16:25 hours 10000 meters Men

Here are the results of NK-round 2014

  • Resultat NK Allround i februari 28-2 mars, 2014
  • Olympic record and world record

Resultat NK Allround i februari 28 – 2 mars, 2014

In the men’s 500 meters was won by Koen Verweij in a time of 36.36. He remained Lucas van Alphen and Wouter Olde Heuvel of. Sven Kramer was fourth. Koen Verweij also won the 5000 meters. He thanked disqualify Sven Kramer who failed to finish in the right way. Second and third was Arjen van der Kieft and Renz Rotteveel. 1500 meters also won by Koen Verweij. He continued Renz Rotteveel and Rhian Ket for. The 10 km was won by Arjen van der Kieft. Koen Verweij was second and third Renz Rotteveel. The final classification was won by Koen Verweij. He had a comfortable lead on number two and number three Renz Rotteveel Wouter Olde Heuvel.
In the women’s 500 meters was won by Jorien Voorhuis. She continued Marije Joling and Annouk Van Der Weijden for. 3000 meters was won by Yvonne Nauta. Diane Valkenburg was second and third Irene Schouten. 1500 meters was won by Diane Valkenburg. She remained Irene Schouten and Yvonne Nauta well before. 5000 meters Yvonne Nauta was by far the strongest. Second and third were Diane Valkenburg and Irene Schouten. The final classification was won by Yvonne Nauta. Silver was for Diane Valkenburg and bronze for Irene Schouten.

Olympic Record and World Record

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