Focal Spirit One S in the Test

With the spirit of one, the French speaker specialist focal started his headphone program. Now we have the successor spirit one S in the test.

The focal remains outwardly spirit one S with stainless steel elements in the solid processed iron and ear-enclosing, enclosed capsules true to the style of the spirit one (test). The latter still hang on Foldable joints, got bigger but just a tad bit (7 mm) and swallow up to 20dB of noise according to the manufacturer.

In fact, sits the spirit of one S perfectly as pasted on also on smaller heads and wraps up its wearer in a pleasant quiet bubble. So never miss an important call on the road, also a Smartphone compatible microphone can be found on the 1.4-meter-long cable. Only the relatively large plug could be disruptive fall at least iPhone owners.

Inside the focal opts for a new 40 mm drivers with lightweight Mylar titanium-diaphragm. Sonically it boasts an absolutely harmonious Setup: a full, warm bass, which completely unimpressed exempt could play on the immediate noise level would be there. On the other hand the prominent and rich midrange.

Frequency response measurement of the focal shows strong bass and distortion stable. With huge 103, 5dB Efficiency agents and 33, 1Ω, the spirit of one S also performance weak Portis plays very well with impedance.

Spirit focal one s listening test

Together that showed a harmonious blend, that last example, the Tony Allen-track ‘Go back’ on the AUDIOPhile pearls Volume 11 just the right touch of creaminess and voltage awarded.

The line of bass the foot rocker and ever present refreshing, but not excessively, Damon Albarn as guest singer, charismatic, but not annoyingly. Also a wind brigade as in “Deus Ex Machina” of the initiative H liked by a balance rarely become in this price class. Also glad that the focal even at quiet levels and on the Smartphone differentiated and dynamically played.


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