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MAGNAT MA 1000 in the Test

The usual Blackbox magnate MA 1000 would be without two round “Windows”. But behind his glass curtains, the German integrated amplifier in the test spread cosy warmth that arises from two tubes of the type ECC82.

You 1000 sure not wrong MA the magnate, if one classifies the intentions behind this amplifier as “audiophile standard”. A solid, affordable, good-sounding amp with enough connectivity is required and – HiFi fans have always an eye – convincing material usage, so high-quality components. Continue reading

Workout Trainer (Pro +) in the Test

Workout trainer (Pro +) is the currently best fitness app. You shine in the test with a variety of exercises and really effective workouts. Only the Abomodell could annoy.

Trainer (Pro +) there is the workout for Android and iPhone. The billing is done via subscription that Android users for $ 6.99 (5.35 euros) to complete. iPhone owners are 54,99 Euros per year. For this proud price is the app fully and including training plans can be used. Undecided can try a seven test subscription. Continue reading

Men’s Health Personal Trainer (Pro) in the Test

Men’s health personal trainer (Pro) shows a great presentation and gives little reason to complain about in the test: with many exercises and good training evaluations, the athletes with iPhone comes here at his own expense.

Men’s health personal trainer (Pro) for the iPhone meets the core topics of the magazine “men’s health”: in addition to styling, sex and lifestyle is also about health and fitness. The app is only available for the iPhone, the price is 4.99 euros.

Who opens the personal trainer (Pro), stands the elaborate, colorful design in the eye, which perhaps is not for everyone; Nevertheless, everything remains open. The Pro version provides you with more than 700 exercises and 400 workouts available, also create your own workout schedule is from the exercise pool. Continue reading

Home Workout in the Test

Home workout is an iPhone app that delivers a daily training of only five minutes. For busy people, that’s not bad, but the test shows: a professional training support, things are different.

Workout without gym is not? There we go! At least say that the developers of the iPhone app “Home Workout”. Without exercise equipment or special equipment the exercises to perform, more than is here and as a yoga mat or also times required a dumbbell. Continue reading

Fitness Point Pro in the Test

Fitness Point Pro provides plenty of exercises and also many training plans – but also not too much available in the fitness app for iPhone and Android and is too expensive for that.

Fitness point Pro, a fitness app for iPhone and Android, with several training plans and a vast exercise database distinguishes itself from the free version called “Fitness Point”. So, the athletes with the Pro version for €4.99 (iOS, Android) can monitor his body statistics and see a larger number of exercises. Also, your own training plans can be created with the purchase app. Continue reading

Marantz PM 7005 Test

At first glance, the Marantz PM 7005 is similar to its predecessor. He is effectively not only with the best sound, but with additional, State of the art digital technology to the test.

Seasoned HiFi fans will be greeted with “Hey Alter, there you also” the Marantz PM 7005. The outfit, the ALU media front with the curved plastic side panels, is them – now already familiar from generations of Marantzen – well. As well as the technique: certainly the engineers – have mounted as if there was no tomorrow – back tons of single transistors. Around CD signals with a fine out to raise high dynamics Push-pull arrangement as far as the subsequent IC source selection guarantee not more harm them. Continue reading

Kitzbuhel app in the Test

The Kitzbuhel shows app for Windows phone in the test important information to the weather and the location on the slope – and that really compact! A kind of travel guide can be expected here but.

One of the few Windows phone application around the skiing is the “Kitzbuhel”-app. Based on different data sources, an app has been programmed here, which should make life easier for the skiers.

Simple design with few frills, delivers the Kitzbuhel app information on the current situation of the slope. The departure has just opened, which connected? Further information are provided, which lift is currently out of operation and which runs. Continue reading

Sony Walkman Nwz-A15 in the Test

The Walkman was once for the life of a whole generation – until the iPod was. Now Sony is on a comeback and a new trend: the return of the Walkman as HiRes player. We have tested the Sony WALKMAN NWZ-A15.

One can debate themselves admirably, with colleagues, HiFi manufacturers and any individual interested in Hi-Fi. On the question of whether you will really hear the difference HiRes resolutions to CD quality. It is noteworthy, though, that you can argue at all lately about. Anyone who had previously hardly noticed the term at the latest learns about the concentrated marketing power of a Japanese electronics giant. Sony relies completely on HiRes, launches network player, amplifier and compact systems under this flag, and sends now also an old veteran, the Walkman back in the battle for customers, reborn as a mobile HiRes player. Continue reading

iSki Germany App in the Test

The app iSki Germany built around 60 ski areas in whole Germany and provides good real time information. Unfortunately, the free app for iPhone and Android also has little on the pan.

“iSki Germany” is the German edition of an international winter sports travel guide app. Play store by Google as well as on the Apple app store iSki versions for a number of countries, and that are also still completely free.

iSki is advertising funded, what becomes clear when starting the app – here is the logo of a major car manufacturer. The app provides information on approximately 60 ski areas in whole Germany. That’s great for skiers, who are again happy to swing in different areas on the boards. Continue reading

HTC Desire 820 in the Test

The desire of 820 was already before joining in September 2014 at the IFA, but only now comes after Germany. Reflected in the test: the delay has the powerful 5.5-inch Smartphone hurt, on the contrary: HTC put together an attractive overall package that will make lots of friends.

  1. HTC desire 820 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The desire of 820 is the successor of the 816, which came only prior to eight months for a price of 379 euro in trade. The 820 shows up in the test as technically and visually modernized and starts a sign with a price of 330 euros considerably cheaper – as prices puts the tough competition in the mid-size car segment. But also making sure that HTC has set the price was too high. In other words: the desire 816 (test) was somewhat overpriced for the market launch, the sequel offers a very good price, however, money. Continue reading

Encyclopaedia Britannica App in the Test

The traditional Encyclopaedia Britannica a worthy successor of the printed work is well thought out and editorially top – on iOS as modern designed app.

The app of the Encyclopadia Britannica continues a long tradition: the encyclopedia goes back to the Scottish enlightenment, and has been published since 1768. The production of the printed version was discontinued three years ago, since she is only still available online – or as an app. Continue reading

Minipedia (Offline Wikipedia) in the Test

The main Wikipedia articles available offline at any time keep – wants Minipedia. A good idea, which, however, would have deserved a better implementation.

The app “Minipedia” solves the problem of usually necessary Internet access over several database packages: Once downloaded, the main Wikipedia article are available at any time offline. Unfortunately, this really practical idea in implementing hooks. Continue reading

BlackBerry Classic in the Test

Held with new gadgets the BlackBerry has classic features, that make the work more efficient. Thus, he promises success in the job. Connect has the Smartphone in the test.

  1. BlackBerry classic in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Who wants to make a career, should waste no time – that goes without saying. However, many modern smartphones lead exactly to: entertain us more than that they assist us in the work. In this regard, even the – very good overall – BlackBerry Q10 can be seen as a step backwards compared to the older bold 9900. Continue reading

EveryWiki in the Test

The Android app EveryWiki makes the largest encyclopedia in the world even bigger – a practical access to Wikipedia and many other wikis. We have the dictionary app in the test.

With more than 1.7 million German-speaking entries, Wikipedia should be really big enough, but “EveryWiki” offers practical and easy access to other Sprachwikis of even more diverse books, games and themes wiki. A universe of knowledge in one single app. Continue reading

Focal Spirit One S in the Test

With the spirit of one, the French speaker specialist focal started his headphone program. Now we have the successor spirit one S in the test.

The focal remains outwardly spirit one S with stainless steel elements in the solid processed iron and ear-enclosing, enclosed capsules true to the style of the spirit one (test). The latter still hang on Foldable joints, got bigger but just a tad bit (7 mm) and swallow up to 20dB of noise according to the manufacturer.

In fact, sits the spirit of one S perfectly as pasted on also on smaller heads and wraps up its wearer in a pleasant quiet bubble. So never miss an important call on the road, also a Smartphone compatible microphone can be found on the 1.4-meter-long cable. Only the relatively large plug could be disruptive fall at least iPhone owners. Continue reading

Wikipedia for Windows Phone in the Test

This Wikipedia app runs exclusively on Windows phones. She is very elaborately designed, well equipped and comfortable to use, how our test shows.

This most widely used dictionary app for Windows phone named “Wikipedia” was not developed by Wikipedia, but (arguably) still bears her name–finally it accesses only the online encyclopedia. And human knowledge accessible makes it very handy and nicely designed. Continue reading

Honor 6 by Huawei in the Test

The Huawei brand honor is started with a bang in Germany: the opening model of honor 6 provides a top class facilities at an outrageously low price. What’s the catch? We have tested.

  1. Honor 6 by Huawei in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Where Huawei has applied the red pencil, you can see the honor of 6 on first glance. The Smartphone looks like a mixture of Apple’s iPhone and Sony’s Xperia series and the shiny metallic frame turns out to touch as the plastic strip. But even if you can call little self-contained design and the feel is anything but outstanding, the manufacturer delivers here very solid work. Continue reading

Sony MDR-1A in the Test

The Sony MDR-1A is suitable as a closed-back headphones for mobile use. We have tested it sounds like the discreetly designed on-ear headphones.

The trend to the closed ear-enclosing headphones still continues. Especially mobile that also has its advantages: the music not perish in the ambient noise and the seat neighbour on the bus one not on the collar, because he experienced involuntarily all beats. And a statement, you can with larger audience outside more easily. Continue reading

Samsung Gear VR in the Test

Virtual reality glasses are the trend topic par excellence. With the gear VR, Samsung is now bringing his own variant on the market. Whether she can actually take the users in virtual worlds? We have tested the VR goggles.

A childhood dream is slowly coming true: modern virtual reality goggles kidnap their user spaces, landscapes, movies or games and leave him at be part of the whole. Now bring Samsung, supports his version of virtual reality on the market from industry leader of oculus,: the gear VR for around 200 euros. We have set ourselves of course just the part for testing purposes on the nose. Continue reading

Panasonic RP-HD10 in the Test

The Panasonic RP-HD10 shines with high comfort and high-tech drivers. The test shows how the impact on the sound of the on-ear headphones.

Panasonic boasts the RP HD10 as hi-res headphones and took it deep into the bag of tricks. Only the description of the 50-millimeter driver resembles a NASA order for the next space station: high polymer membrane for multi layer technology with 201 layers and anti-vibration converter frame. Continue reading

Wikipedia App in the Test

The Wikipedia app is easy to use and has more features than the Web page. Good in the test on Android, IOS only satisfactory.

Wikipedia has made obsolete with the concept of an open developer community the classical encyclopedias and dictionaries in the eyes of many. In the face of more than 1.7 million entries alone in the German language Wikipedia this online encyclopedia seems indeed unbeatable. Of course there is also a free app with the convenient, anywhere can be accessed on all entries in addition to the normal and the mobile Web page. Continue reading

WikiLinks in the Test

Browse endlessly in the digital vastness of knowledge: the very lavish Wikipedia app WikiLinks stands out in the test with outstanding features.

“WikiLinks” has a great success the programmers: this app lets the classic lexicon, as well as the other apps that rely on Wikipedia queries, significantly behind. With clever features that make browsing in the biggest encyclopedia of ever entertaining and above all practical. Continue reading