Professional Dart Players Earnings

From other sports like football, tennis and basketball was already known that there is a lot of money is involved and that there are astronomical salaries to the stars in the top leagues. But how does it really mean with money in darts? What deserves a professional darter in these times?

Prize Competitions

First, it is of course obvious that darters price received on the basis of matches won in tournaments and how far in the tournament they will. Because there are a lot of tournaments in darts circuit each year, it is easy to see at a glance how much the price received per round per tournament.
Only the
World Matchplay
World Grand Prix
UK Open Finals
Players Championship Finals
Premier League of Darts


In addition to earning prize money by playing tournaments, there is another way to earn prize money for a tournament. The sport of darts is normal for you to be assigned additional price to throw a nine-darter. The first nine-darter ever thrown on television in 1984 by John Lowe, Lowe gave £ 102,000 on. Since there are now many more games will be broadcast live on television, and therefore much more regular nine-darters thrown this extra prize money has gone down significantly. At the 2014 World Cup, there was still £ 30,000 promised if a person threw a nine darter in the World Cup and 2015 was only £ 10,000. When two players in the same tournament a nine darter shed extra prize money for the nine-darter must also be shared. At other tournaments differ prize for a nine darter from the World Cup, but there has never been much lower.


The final income source having sponsorship darters. This is no surprise because nowadays every sport very much money is spent on sponsorship because the increased frequency and broadcast on television. All darters have a shirt with all kinds of advertisements and through sponsorship contracts tied to some darts competitions and darts to practice. As darts is still increasing in popularity through sponsorship revenues will increase significantly in the coming years. The exact amount of income to get darters thanks to sponsors is not known, but that is very different per Darter and apparently has to do with the popularity of the player.

Increase Prize Money

As mentioned earlier decline bonuses to throw a nine-darter of each year because of the degree of darts players, the quality of the arrows and the number of tournaments per year, but continues to increase. Now it is not that the prices are therefore anyway. The reverse is the case. Each tournament is presented each year in higher prices. As an example, increased prize money for World Championship Darts 2015 with a whopping £ 200,000 over the previous year to £ 1,250,000 in total. Like will continue every year if it is to the PDC. As a result, among other things, certainly also an improvement in the quality of darts is a presentation of increasingly higher prices, but the level of darts in a whole also continued to rise. This makes it more and more television aired because of the increasing interest and offered thus more sponsors for ever higher amounts.

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