Diving In Marsa Alam Egypt

Marsa Alam is a small village in southern Egypt. Since a few years back, you can directly book a flight from Amsterdam or Brussels to Marsa Alam, but you can be more than just a beach. The main attraction here in the South is diving!

The story of Marsa Alam

Until recently, Marsa Alam was a small fishing village. In 2001 tourism just came a little before as Marsa Alam opened. Previously, you had to first fly to Hurghada and then run about five hours by bus to the South, it was no longer necessary! Tourism has grown rapidly and the experts also say that sometimes it can be as large as Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada. One thing is certain: this diving is really amazing!

Tondoba Bay

I’m already three times in Marsa Alam, and three times at the same place: Camp Awlad Baraka and we popped in Aquarius. It is very simply decorated, stuff is decent, good instructors and perhaps most important: beautiful and almost pristine dive sites.
The versatility of Marsa Alam is perhaps unique. You can make beautiful house Dives here, but you can also choose a cruise, dive further into the reef with zodiacs or you can take the bus back to Abu Dabbab.
House of scuba diving stay well and apart and there is also an option for animals “to see active at night, but of course also sees the sleepy head at night. The underwater life in Egypt is composed of small but also very large fish. One of the most famous dive sites in the South, it is located north of Elphinstone, the Marsa Alam and it is therefore necessary to get around four hours out of bed, go to the boat and then there is sleep. The first dive you do an hour or eight/nine half-and then go eat breakfast. This is the place to discover sharks and not only innocent white lace, but also the hammerhead shark!
You also have the Dolphin House here. It is a protected area and therefore can only X number of divers/snorkelers/boats come every day. Everyone should buy a ticket, which costs about 15 euros, you must do this in advance with the people you supervise. The reefs here are very nice and it varies, as some flow on one side of the reef is on the inside almost none. The name says it all, this area is known for its dolphins. More on this later.

The most famous dive sites in the area

Elphinstone Reef:
This reef consist only of a single large stone, in the form of an elephant’s foot, hence the name, into the water. The depth varies widely, the deepest point of the “rock” on which the cleaning station sharks is about 45 meters. If you really go down hundreds of feet under you come out there and you should not, of course, go diving! Here you can actually bump into everything, very many shark species, very occasional dolphins and even the occasional whale shark, but you can really see, but rarely in the Red Sea. When I’ve been here, we even saw a stray turtle, because it is something that is not actually meant to be, because it is too far from the coast.
Although most divers go here just to go for the big life, the walls are also interesting. There are beautiful corals to admire, and of course there are also plenty of small lives. The current is strong here often and therefore it is necessary that at least one advanced divers, but it is definitely a place to be seen!
Dolphin House:
The Dolphin House of Samadai Reef consists of a bowl in which dolphins can “hide” for the flow if it comes from the other side. In the dish is almost always calm because the wind will almost always from a page. It is an area where divers and snorkelers can not come, so the dolphins also have a little rest when they need it; It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll see here dolphins, because obviously going wild dolphins that do not have a permanent place to sit down. The coral here is very beautiful and very diverse, is also here where the Samadai Cave diving can be. It’s not too long cave where you can swim through and you’ll be fine here through choppy seas. But it is useful if you’re not claustrophobic, but then you should arrange a meeting with the Dive Leader. All in all a very nice Reef and 15 € extra well worth it!
Shaab Marsa Alam:
Although this can sometimes dolphins are found. The rule that a piece that is used by the Egyptians is that if they do not sit on the Dolphin House they sit here. This is of course not always but usually it is true about it. “again, there is a tiny cave behind a very large field with all ‘ nemo ‘-fish only in the yellow variety. Also a wreck here, but unfortunately it will probably be in decay. Dive the pace up here regularly, and it is definitely worth paying and you do nothing extra.
Abu Dabbab:
The journey here is often not organized, but it is very nice. Abu Dabbab is not very deep and are mainly sea grass to the left of the beach coral. The site is famous for their giant tortoises which were actually a guarantee is to see. You can also find manatees here again you don’t see every dip. In addition to sure what giant turtles to see the water moving and if you stay long enough, they have to wait up and can make beautiful pictures, but only the face is very beautiful. You have to be careful here that you don’t touch the animals, because it can cause shock reactions and even death, which of course is something that we don’t want to!
Shaab Sharm:
This is the little brother to the Elphinstone Reef. I myself have never been, but from the stories I have heard that there are also lots of sharks and this is for all divers, because the flow is much less.
In short, Marsa Alam is a very nice diving area, where divers must have actually been. Dive prices are not too high and the dive is just wonderful!

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