What Type of Jacket to Wear with a Dress

The jacket is an asset charm for the robe

You want to highlight your robe in any season? This is now possible by accompanying a feminine and elegant jacket. Various options available to you depending on the desired style and occasion.

The leather jacket, the rock touch

In addition to enlisting your skinny jeans or your blouses perfectly, the leather jacket can accompany your robes fluids at any occasion. Ideal for small morning breezes and the arrival of autumn, the leather jacket adds a touch of rock to her outfit. Suitable for floral prints, herringbone, geometric and asymmetrical dresses, the leather jacket is invited in your rock-chic look, like the short or mid-high boots and small leather goods.

The camel jacket for a bohemian look

Canvas or suede, camel’s jacket to play with the bohemian trend. On a long robe, this jacket warm colors softens flashy colors, and protects you from light breezes. Single or fringed up to you. Ageless and timeless, the camel jacket adapts to all body types and all current trends.

The suit jacket for the chic touch

For your professional events and your evenings chic, it is entirely possible to support your long dress with a suit jacket. The smaller sizes will favor short jackets and arched, while larger women can test the long / straight jacket dress tandem to add a masculine touch to their clothes. If the robe is printed, do not play with patterns and build on a solid black jacket in colors allying with the printout of your robe.

Denim jacket, urban look

For a more urban look while remaining retro style, denim jacket made a comeback in recent years. More curved than those of the 90s, denim jackets are now vary your pleasures with original colors from the lightest to the darkest. Thus, with a long robe and flowing, thedenim jacket found its popularity and provides a casual look, but still feminine.

The sleeveless jacket, the key trend

For sunny days, accessorizing her robe and fluid can also mean only add light without sleeved jacket and trendy. Whether linen, leather, suede or cotton, this additional garment adds a twist to the whole outfit. With this jacket or the waistcoat, the focus is onlong dresses with straight cuts, whether united or not. A little more to his look that can make all the difference …

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