Microsoft Confirms Improvements in Video Quality and Voice of the Messenger

The Windows Live Essentials is for Windows as well as iLife is for OS X of Apple, speaking roughly. The basic difference is that the suite of utilities applications of MS does not cost anything at all; It can be downloaded for free. From this week, some improvements will make the WLE even better (or not, depending on who reads).

In a statement on the subject on the blog Windows, Arthur de Haan, the test team and service engineering, warns that there will be major correction of bugs in applications. If you were scolding with Movie Maker (for it does not work right, and not because he is supposedly bad), it may be time to give a new chance to the software.

In Messenger, may the application Live Essentials more used there, we have improvements in quality of voice and video. The bug fixes are also present. Already Live Mail wins SSL support for secure connections, and greater stability in sending uploads.

In general, the watchwords are stability and correction. Anyone who wants to check closely the corrections must access this page and check if the update is out – until the time of publication of this text, negative. By the end of the month, the very Live Essentials will offer the update to other users. The ideal is to upgrade, of course.

Oh, toast, the Microsoft will send ua new version of the detestable toolbar Bing. Yeah.

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