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How To Adjust The Brake Reel?

The reel is an essential element of fishing equipment. With it you pick the fish when the fishing line reels and also “to brake” the output of the line when the fish pulls the line to master it better. Discover how to adjust the brake reel easily and efficiently.



For a poorly adjusted brake, you could lose the fish. If the brake is not closed, the fish may be too fishing line to pull the line and increase the chances to break loose. However, if the brake is too tight, the full force of the fish will be transmitted directly to the rod and the line, which could break.


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Best Places To Throw The Mounts

Cold significantly modifies the behavior of the tents in winter. In this season, the fish move less, your digestion is slower and little move. To fish in cold water, a previous observational work is essential to identify interesting stalls. Fortunately, they are very well-defined places and, therefore, it is quite easy to identify. Today we explain how to find the best places to throw the cane.


If you want to take advantage of the winter to discover new places and stay away from the “beaten track”, patiently collecting beam. It is wiser to choose places you already know where fish have before during the season. Typically, the active compounds in summer and autumn, are also in winter.

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Types of Fishing

This element for catching aquatic species is a mimic insect attracting some families and their manufacture may vary besides use grew a lot over the years.

In fly fishing just one element is fundamental and can not miss is one that gives its name to this style will attract insect prey. Despite being a being who enters the food chain of some aquatic species in the catch is not dead insects are used because many of them lose their color and attractive after this, therefore it is imitating.

The categorization of this item may vary, but in general the first division is done is “dry” and “wet”. The first are generally those intended to resemble insects that are deposited on the water or those who occasionally fall into the same, which may be adult or, for example, flying ants falling on the surface. While the latter match nymphs, larvae or those which can be submerged.

From there it falls into other groups that contain the different types of flies that can be used in fishing. This division can be done in 3: imitators, attractors and searchers.

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As Well Prepare Your Ground Fishing Bait

A good groundbait is necessary to entice fish to bite the bait and also to keep them in the position of fishing.

Here we explain all about the groundbait to multiply your chances of catching.



The groundbait ready to use developed by our technical partners are adequate for most situations.

Fishermen’s specialists can prepare themselves groundbait to suit your fishing conditions concretas.Para prepare your own groundbait, you can use flours: PV1, peanuts (roasted or natural), corn (flour, semolina, borujo), breadcrumbs (blond or red), hemp seed (ground or roasted), copra, etc.

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Longline: An Element Of Artisanal Fisheries

It can vary in size and construction, but this old element consists mainly of a line which is supported by buoys and has several low line where the hooks and bait are placed.

Longline is one of the oldest known elements within the fishing, it is used since the nineteenth century and pioneered its use were Spaniards. In construction there are several types, but this part of the equipment consists basically of a main line has several low line holding hooks.

This item can be classified into artisanal fisheries and serves to catch more than one fish at a time, as well as different species. To attract bait that can vary according to what you want to capture is used.

Among the possibilities presented by the longline you can find some that are major. One is the “Demersal or background,” the other “Semi-Pelagic” and the last “Pelagic”.

The first consists of two lines (although sometimes it can be a), supported by buoys and weights at each end and below them are the hooks joined by bass line from one end to another. This system is used for species that roam the bottom of the water.

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Winter Fishing In May

With the arrival of winter, feel warm stay home waiting to get back the good weather. It is an ideal material to prepare, strategize or just dream about next season period. But do not forget that in winter you can also go fishing and find fish, especially the coup. Unlike predators, white fish can be caught all year, even at low temperatures.

Today we give you a few easy and effective tips to keep you fishing in the best conditions this season.

TIP # 1 / BROWSE warm water

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Android Wear Comes New Watchfaces

One of the most fun aspects of the Platform Android Wear is that there are hundreds of ways to customize it with the ability to change the watch face at will. The independent developer community has acknowledged this possibility with great enthusiasm, and today they are literally thousands offers of any kind, free or not, whose highlight does not fail to point out from time to time.

If all this were not enough, Google has decided to forge partnerships with some internationally renowned designers to complete watch face “branded”. The five that were already previously, they’ve added another nine; Here’s a quick roundup and, below, the descriptions of all (in sequential order). Continue reading

Types of Fishing Plumbs

This rig has different options for those conducting this activity, since some serve to rocky bottoms, other sandy, changing their weights and shapes according to requirements.

The sinker or lead is another part of fishing equipment that, like all the other elements, has its importance and has a specific function. In this case the main task of this rig is to help with their weight to allow fishermen to throw their lines further and also that they remain firm in a position, not being washed away by the water current.

The variants presented by this element are quite different and adapted to the type of fishing you want to make whoever used. Some serve to waters with sandy bottom, others in areas where rocks are also ideal for places where there is much current and other options.

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Facebook Kills Your Lite Version and Connect [Updated]

Eight months after making a fuss to launch version “featherweight” of your home page, called Facebook Lite, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg quietly announced that it will no longer offer this option to their users.


“Thanks to everyone who tested the Facebook Lite, but it is no longer available for use. We learned a lot by testing a lighter version of our page, “says a wistful post on your fan page.

Some rumors suggest that among these lessons the Lite left was that simple page also eliminates a number of features that ensure the profitability of the site, while others point out that the newest versions of Facebook were significantly faster, making unnecessary Lite.

Mariners attempting to access the address will be redirected to the normal service page.

[Updated 16:30] During the conference F8 developers, held in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook Connect, a tool that allowed the social network to be displayed on third-party sites also becomes part of the past. Instead the app will be replaced by the Open Graph, which among other differences supports OAuth 2.0 protocols. [Via Mashable]


How to Choose Shoes for Spring

With the arrival of spring, it feels freer, with a great desire to put away in the closet the heavy and sometimes gloomy winter clothing and be born again with new colors, colorful and cheerful. How nature that breaks down, after winter hibernation, even our desire to wake up from what we wear, even from shoes. The milder climate allows us to choose the shoes that we like and fit our character, following the trends and news.

The only rule, dictated by common sense would be to choose comfortable shoes that allow “live” your feet and don’t sacrifice too, although often to follow fashions or desires you accept to suffer serious damage and procure them. Any occasion then, should have the shoe fit, depending on the outfit and the occasion, but also taking into account the time when you have to wear, not to be following up with back pain and swollen feet.

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Google Will Index All Public Tweets

It’s been some time that Google has added some options in the results page of search. Among them is the Updates option (or updates the version in Portuguese) showing search results on social networks such as Myspace, Buzz, and Twitter. This search option will receive a focused update on Twitter that proves once again Google’s mission to catalog all the world’s information.

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Downriggers: For Bottom Fishing

This rig allows use who take their line to the amount of meters below the surface desired, for it is very important to know the different types and how to use them.


Within the bottom fishing there are different ways to get to explore deep water, one of them is to use downriggers, they are used primarily for trolling and bring very good results.

These devices are manufactured by different companies and in different ways. The main function is to engage the line and with a weight that is incorporated, bring it to the desired distance.

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Fishing Guide: Bait – Boilies – Seeds

Discover our tips for storing freshwater baits in the best conditions. BAIT

Often it is having to throw away because bait has not been preserved in good condition. With the accessory Clip ‘&’ Cut Caperlan, no longer will pull more bait. This clamp opens and seals the bag so that the bait is spoiled, facilitates transport and storage. In addition, this ingenious accessory is blue, you will find it easily if dropped in the grass.


Save the bags in a cool place, away from moisture and heat. Best in a high place to make it out of the reach of rodents.  The bait Caperlan retain its qualities for two years (deadline for optimal use of 24 months after the manufacture of the product).

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Google Announces Special Channel for the World Cup on YouTube

“Palpita Brazil” is the name of the channel created by the company in partnership with Sony Music and ESPN will focus on videos uploaded by Internet users. It will serve as a form of videos site users cheer for Brazil in the most anticipated sporting event of the year, in addition to being used as a stage for reporters team ESPN, which will bring unique information on the channel. Continue reading

Fishing In The Seashore: Safety Rules

You can avoid problems and calmly go fishing in the sea if some basic safety rules are respected. Let’s see what.


Before you start your session fishing, observe for a while the sea state, movement and force of the waves, etc. If you think the waves hit the shore too hard, do not get better there. In addition, not worth the risk if not manage to put yourself at a height suficiente. Una single wave can be dangerous.

Strong swell is best to avoid these places because the waves can overcome rocks or dams.

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Fishing Hook Role in Fisheries

Due to the developments that have gone hooks and diversity of fish in the world are countless different types of hooks.

Each of these hooks has been created thinking about the characteristics of the species, it is for this reason that currently the vast majority of them are the result of lengthy testing processes and many errors since ancient ages.

As mentioned, the hook or hook serves the primary function of hooking and holding the fish. These were once wood but nowadays fishing enthusiasts choose the best elements of their characteristics, ie, they are very selective in size, color, weight, thickness, type of tip material, among others. These together constitute the hook to have a absolute efficiency and thus the fishing activity more practical and interesting.

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Fishing Small Species

The network formed by metal rings and supported by a stick, used to catch animals such as crayfish and its use is regulated like other elements of this type.

The retel is a fishing net that is used for certain types of species, their use is predetermined to activity in rivers. Usually it is used to capture the crab that knows how to move through these waters, although there are also other aquatic animals that are caught with this element.

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Fishing Tackle Box: How To Fill

In the fishing equipment must be all the elements necessary for the capture of different marine species.

In addition to the fishing rod and reel, the vital element is the fishing tackle box because in it are the other elements properly organized according to the taste of fishing enthusiast.

They usually offer different variety of boxes fishing but none has all the elements that fisherman want as the special feature of it should be the organization owner, so no fishing tackle box is equal to another since it depends on the kind of fishing is done, and especially the taste of certain marine species who will fish.

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