Sleeping in a Sleeping Bag Every Night

If you have not seen or heard of sleeping bags on Selk’bag, which can be worn as a dress, now is the time. You can think of them as pajamas from one part of adults, but with the same level of insulation you would find in a sleeping bag so that you warm wherever you relax morna head at night. In coolest it is that now the company has released four models that are actually characters from the marvel universe.

In traditional sleeping bag most people feel almost completely mummified and simply going to the toilet becomes a short. This is not a problem with these babies on Selk’bag, because they have a number of convenient zippers that allow access to arms, legs and other vital parts that may need them at night. See how to find the right sleeping bag on

With new colors you can end up as Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America and even Hulk, only the modest sum of $150. Tourists know that good sleeping bags are not cheap, but these models can not miss the costume for Halloween and finally go and those cosplay parties, even overnight.

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