Samsung on the Road with Note 7-Compatible Gear VR-Headsets

A new version of the Samsung Gear VR headset to suit the future Galaxy Note 7 with USB Type-C connector instead of microUSB, is on the way.

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 about a little month of commencement of the South Korean producer as one of the last transitional phase from the microUSB port for the new and reversible USB Type-C.

It does, however, problems in relation to virtual reality headset Samsung Gear VR, in which Samsung’s smartphones with microUSB port can be connected.Note 7 is expected: to become first Samsung phone with USB Type-C, which will make it useless with Gear VR headset.

The problem can be resolved with relative ease by posting an updated version of the headset on the market with USB Type C connector instead of microUSB, and that is exactly what Samsung seems to do.

In the now well-known Indian database of imported and exported products, Zauta, is in fact spotted what is believed to be Samsung’s next Gear VR headset. It writes Sammobile.

Samsung’s first edition of Gear VR was developed for Galaxy Note 4 and have model number SM-R320, while later came the model SM-R321 in connection with the launch of the Galaxy and Galaxy S6 S6 edge.The latest edition from this year has, not surprisingly, the model number SM-R322 and is the so-called Consumer Edition.

The next Gear VR headset that will fit together with Galaxy Note 7 and have a USB Type-C-plug, have the model number-you guessed it-SM-R323. On the headset will differ on other areas with, for example, a modified design, is yet to say on the basis of the current information.

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