Lingerie Lovable 2016

Here is the catalog of Lovable underwear 2016 and most sensual garments for spring summer: lace, tulle, microfibre and new ultra light fabrics with Lovable brand that guarantees extreme charm and elegance.

For this spring summer 2016 Lovable has created a unique collection of underwear .Characterized by muted hues but decided, is totally inspired by the elegance: the periwinkle and mud dominate this collection of underwear that the push-up the petticoat is waiting to be discovered!

The most elegant is the line of Lovable 2016 Floreal Lace, lace was created while invisible Ring Revolution that enhances shapes and darkens under clothes … even stickier.

The line of Lovable woman Continued is a color Wisteria and allows you to have, among other things, a breast of course more toned in just 28 days. Available for the summer 2016 also in lace, this line of bras and pants is practically a beauty treatment for breast and hips!

The Lovable collection Tonic Lift n mud and light green color tones and firms the skin of the breast, while the revolutionary sublime form and a Zerogrammi Effect cups ensure lightness of Gossamer lingerie Lovable 2016.

And, for women who choose to be downright sexy, Therightbras created satin stretch black line that features unique accessories really delicious Sexy Embroidery line.

Totally new is also the Lovable Blue Print stretch silk and satin line with prints inspired by the pottery and porcelain, for a really classy look and original even under clothes. Coral red characterising the seamless, invisible underwear line and suitable for the curvy woman.

To discover all the models of underwear Lovable 2016 we suggest you view our image gallery and the exhibition catalogue spring summer 2016 of Lovable!

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