How to Match a Polka Dot Blouse


Printing dots in fashion is certainly one of the most common and most used. Although it is considered a fancy vintage, associated mainly to the fifties, it still remains very current. It is in fact a well-adapted printing is the wardrobe of women and men. Shirts, bags, pants, scarves: any item of clothing or accessories can be spotted. However it is not always easy to match this fantasy that although very nice and original, is certainly very gaudy. In this guide, then we will see how to match the dots, especially on a woman’s blouse.

If you want to wear a shirt under a dress has a classic cut, it is important to maintain a style rather sober and neutral on the other chiefs. So you are absolutely banned prints of all kinds, lines or dissonant colors. Also, do not mix more than two colors in your outfit and try not to pull over to the polka dot blouse with lace of the garments, unless you want to risk creating an overloaded and chaotic effect.

The accessories to be used must have a linear style: are preferred thin belts without embroidery or edging and simple shoes replicating the color of the print. Necklaces should be chosen carefully and should not be too elaborate and eccentric, however are very appropriate the set of pearls, that determine a consistent effect, at the same time illuminating the face. With regard to shoes, avoid wear a few polka dots, even if you could find a texture identical to the blouse, because excessive make your image. However, you can play with details, like fermaglietti, a small bow or headband. If you love nail art, you can bring your nails well coiffed in a hue identical to your blouse.

The blouse can be very well turn to the cut pair of trousers with a high waist soft, worn over high heels, if the opportunity allows. Alternatively it can be put with straight cut pants from (a cigarette), on simple ballerinas, if it were required comfort.

In summer blouse with polka dots can also be longer and cut dress. Therefore it must be stopped on the sides, softly with a thin belt leather color, and of the same color sandals. Add a long pearl necklace to complete the picture, and if you like, with hat Natural Havana.

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