How to Fix a Tent

Small cracks can do to fix it yourself

If you notice a hole smaller, do not panic and seal it waterproof adhesive tape. The fetch is also a repair kit for tents, which contains different-sized patches. Lipno is on crack and you’re done.

When seams leak, seal them

Leaky seams can cause havoc nice. Even at them but mellow. Rub the glue on the seams, which is part of the repair kit, or you can buy it separately. Adhesive seals the seams again and take the wind out of the water. Glue can use not only taped seams but also smaller sealing of cracks. In addition to the tent with him and fix backpacks or clothing.

Carry a spare set of rods

Design, alongside the flysheet and groundsheet to nejnamáhanějším parts of the tent, so it is not surprising that from time to time some rod breaks. The easiest is when you have on hand spare rods. Sometimes you buy it together with a tent, sometimes sitting at the dealer or the manufacturer. When you do not, wrap the broken stick tape. With a bit of will this makeshift solution lasts until you return home.

With extensive damage to go to the repair shop

If your tent had a rough way that will not save him even repair kit or adhesive tape, put it to a camping repair shop. The repair is usually heals cracks, changing mat, rods and zippers, sewn new loops and applied impregnation. Before correction but consider whether you pay. Sometimes it is better to buy a new tent to manage than the old one.

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