Brazilians Begin to Receive New Timeline Facebook

The Facebook began testing a new Timeline format that is already affecting some Brazilian Internet. Instead of a layout with two columns of a similar width to the left is smaller and the right is larger. The user information appear in columns, instead of being a privileged space below the avatar and photographic header (call so).

Guilherme Bravin reader sent the screenshots below that shows the modifications. It seems that the social network most used in the world is committed to reducing distractions to remove icons that previously showed some preferences, such as watched movies and read books.

A page of “on” displays the complete biography of the individual, with specific sections for different content. The “TV Shows” lists the programs watched, what you want to watch and also the pages of Tanned programs by the internet. Similarly, the section on books allows you to create a kind of wish list of further reading. A good choice to close deals with online stores and offer the products that the guy both want.

Interestingly, on Friday Facebook invited members midi American to an event in which we suppose that will present some news related to the news feed of users. Perhaps it has to do with changing the look.

It notes that the the social network has not officially announced the change.


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