Bikini Trends of 2015

Although the swimsuit is being done more and more ground in the hearts of women, the bikini is a must and a certainty in clothing from the beach. This month marks the birthday just this head so loved: on 5 July, the bikini has celebrated its 69 years.

This costume was introduced in 1946 and at the beginning the response was very cold: the creator, the tailor Louis Réard, was well aware of the scandal she had to face a lot presenting a boss who discovered the woman’s body, and that’s why he chose the called “Bikini”, inspired by the eponymous atoll in the Marshall Islands, then the seat of US nuclear tests. The chief, who was going to cover very little, was worn by Micheline Bernardini for the first time, one of the Casino de Paris stripper who was the only one to dare lend itself as a model.

The period between the fifties and the sixties was the highlight for the Bikini statement, after being banned in the competition for Miss World in 1951, the road to success was marked by several episodes like that of Brian Hyland song ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini ‘ which, in 1960, had become the bikini a must for all.

Every year since then we are looking for new models that can reflect the trend of the moment: which ones this year?

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Of any shape and type is the costume, you need to go to the beach or a drink by the pool, you can not really go wrong with this color. Black back predominant among the swimwear trends, symbol of sophisticated elegance.


No more extraordinary attempts to hide the curves, in fact, the models this year allow us to proudly show (and with great comfort) our forms with frills, ruffles and laces.


The geometric shapes go great this year, with optical frames and with a look at the retro style 50’s and 70: missed the costumes inspired by the brand Triangl which are based directly on the geometric lines to make the best costumes adaptable to any body type.


And speaking of… vintage pin up style is not lacking among the trends of customs and fits perfectly even in the “rediscovery of the curve” trend that is interested in fashion lately.


A fantasy in which you will definitely not go wrong at the beach is the tropical fruit, palm trees, flowers and exotic fruits, animals, feathers are just some of the elements of this style.

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