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Android Manufacturers Leverages down Prior to the iPhone 7-Launch

When the sale of iPhone 7 kicks off, it goes hard, in addition to manufacturers of Android phones, which, according to an analysis the Department must turn down the production.

No one surpasses Apple’s iPhone when it comes to what smartphone model sold most of. The huge sales of iPhones, which suddenly will take place at the end of 3. quarter and through 4. quarter, clearly marked with the other producers of Android phones.

From industry sources sounds according to Research Institute Digitimes that many manufacturers of Android smartphones, primarily Chinese, is obliged to turn down the orders of chips (integrated circuits), because the inventory of components so small is starting to pile up ahead of Apple’s launch.
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Meet the Cycles Project: Pedaling for Latin America

The cycles project is a trip that we will start on March 24, 2015; A journey of learning and self-knowledge for Latin America by Eduardo Galeano, Che Guevara, the Atacama desert, Lake Titicaca, Andean civilizations, indigenous tropical forests, rich natural resources, ancestral cultures and abysmal inequalities. Continue reading

Samsung’s Olympic Edition of Galaxy S7 Edge Is Official

Samsung launches a new, unique version of Galaxy S7 edge in a highly limited quantity in order to celebrate the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The South Korean major manufacturer, Samsung, has gone all-in to find on new variants of the past year or so with the top models, respectively, Iron Man Edition of Galaxy S6 edge and this year an Injustice Edition of Galaxy S7 edge.

Read also: New Samsung-strategy: Will earn more from each sold smartphone

Now add a special variant of the latter yet Samsung smartphone to the portfolio. As it was revealed earlier this week, Samsung is launching an Olympic version of Galaxy S7 edge in connection with the Olympic Games, which kicks off in Rio de Janeiro on a month’s time. Continue reading

Facebook Pages Gain Scheduling Posts

The page management Facebook is more practical. The social network has just released two new features: scheduling posts and greater control of user permissions. Before the change there were two possible permissions: administrator and user. Now there are five administrative positions, from the manager, who can do everything, even the information analyst, who can only view information.

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How to Fix a Tent

Small cracks can do to fix it yourself

If you notice a hole smaller, do not panic and seal it waterproof adhesive tape. The fetch is also a repair kit for tents, which contains different-sized patches. Lipno is on crack and you’re done.

When seams leak, seal them

Leaky seams can cause havoc nice. Even at them but mellow. Rub the glue on the seams, which is part of the repair kit, or you can buy it separately. Adhesive seals the seams again and take the wind out of the water. Glue can use not only taped seams but also smaller sealing of cracks. In addition to the tent with him and fix backpacks or clothing.

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Samsung’s New Map: Get an SSD in Your Phone

First UFS cards from Samsung: Get laptop-performance to your smartphones storage space.

Listless storage space is often a bottleneck in computers, smartphones and tablets — especially if the storage space is a pitiful micro-SD cards.

With Samsung’s latest launch, a stripe UFS-compatible micro-SD card, it is now over.
In short, you will read and write speeds, the like of which exists only in the large SSD drive which currently exist in the better laptops and desktops.

You get neither a shortage of space with Samsung UFS card. The cards are available in varying sizes from 32 GB up to 256 GB. Continue reading

uTorrent Will Have Option to Disable Ads

An announcement quietly made this week by BitTorrent Inc. not too pleased users of uTorrent. According to the company, the future update of the program would come with ads and sponsored torrents. Today BitTorrent Inc. made another announcement, this time in the form of a post on the official blog, in admitting that the feedback from his idea was not exactly the most positive (I’m paraphrasing) and so they decided to change it. The next version of uTorrent will have the option to disable ads. Continue reading

Sleeping in a Sleeping Bag Every Night

If you have not seen or heard of sleeping bags on Selk’bag, which can be worn as a dress, now is the time. You can think of them as pajamas from one part of adults, but with the same level of insulation you would find in a sleeping bag so that you warm wherever you relax morna head at night. In coolest it is that now the company has released four models that are actually characters from the marvel universe.

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Sony Xperia XA-A Stylish Mobile [TEST]

Sony Xperia XA sticks now rate out of the company in their middle class. XA is neat, Nifty, but in need of adjustments here and there.

Sony is moving in new directions with their latest series of X-phones. Previously, water resistance and an angular, minimalist design sales arguments with the company — it should be replaced now by a stronger design profile and a bet on better ergonomics.

Cheapest bid in the X-series is called Xperia XA, and here are being built on the same X-principles but price sign is only half as large as that of the more expensive X-models. Continue reading

How to Identify Safe Plastic Bottles

What we know about how to safely use plastic bottles (see here)? We’ve all heard that you should look at the bottom of the bottle irregularities, but it is not enough.

Each cylinder must have at its bottom information for the particular material of which it is made. One of the images on the photo must present printed on plastic. Each plastic excreted in some amount of harmful deposits in the water, so let’s focus on reuse – which type is suitable for and who – no.

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Changes in the Twitter API Developers Displease

The Twitter allows, through its API, developers to create the most diverse applications for the platform and thus some of them can earn good money with the applications of sale. Yesterday Twitter announced changes to this API that were not exactly well received by the developer community. The new API, which comes in version 1.1, will bring a number of restrictions and limitations that program makers not much likes.

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Top 10 Smartphones in June

Here is this month’s most requested cell phones at our site.

URMobilsiden.dks search service our site provides an overview of the best prices on mobile phones right now. The thousands of searches gives an insight into what phones are most sought after in the previous month.

Please note that the list is based on the number of searches on our site, and therefore can perform devices on the list that are not available on the market yet, but where the presale has started.

Apple’s iPhone for a long time, at least, is again this month in a League of its own largest market and accounts for only one out of five searches on – a little progress compared to the previous month. And that is despite the anguish with supplies from Apple’s hand. Continue reading

Lovable Ultimate Modeling

The fashion brand Lovable launches modeling online Ultimate Modeling, an intimate seductive and chic designed to regulate the forms and suitable for curvy women who want to look beautiful and attractive in every situation.Lovable presents the series shapewear, Ultimate Modelling that includes beautiful bras, but also slip ” Invisible ” and the sheaths of the series “The Celebrity Secret”, a series of clever leaders but fascinating, that disappear under clothes, do not shake and they are super comfy. Perfect from morning to night. Continue reading

Source: Google Will Now Make Their Own Clocks

Google plotting to jump out as smartwatch-producer. Two new watches are, according to sources close to the company on the road.

When the wrist should be adorned with a smart watch, Google will soon offer two new options to facilitate everyday life. It writes Android police.

The search giant is, according to sources close to Google, in the process of developing two smartwatches in the autumn. The one, and the largest, the model will be a sporty and velekviperet case with both 4 g, GPS and heart rate monitor on board. The second option will be smaller, probably cheaper, and will save 4 g connectivity and Gps away.

The large clock goes into writing under the cover name Angelfish, while little brother will be called Swordfish. Continue reading

Here is a Nice (and Brazilian) Way to Listen to Music Over the Internet

It is in the air the Brazilian competitor Grooveshark site that lets you listen to music from any corner of the planet and without paying anything for it. The 4ME.FM is in full development by a Brazilian team known social networks. Among the challenges, create a look that has everything to do with the national way to listen to music. Not coincidentally, the 4ME.FM is closely linked to Facebook and Twitter. Continue reading

How to Match a Polka Dot Blouse


Printing dots in fashion is certainly one of the most common and most used. Although it is considered a fancy vintage, associated mainly to the fifties, it still remains very current. It is in fact a well-adapted printing is the wardrobe of women and men. Shirts, bags, pants, scarves: any item of clothing or accessories can be spotted. However it is not always easy to match this fantasy that although very nice and original, is certainly very gaudy. In this guide, then we will see how to match the dots, especially on a woman’s blouse. Continue reading

Is the Moto Z Play on the Road?

We have only just been introduced to Motorola’s two latest phones, but now suggests that one more is on the way.

Too good a month or so ago presented their two latest Motorola phones, Moto and Moto Z Z Force. On the way they went away from the otherwise well known Moto X, which has given its name to their flagship series in recent years.

But it seems that we’ve seen the last from Motorola this year. At least not, if we are to believe the latest leaked news.

Based on information from the Indian import Centre Zauba, who often get preproduction sent and before have given information about other models was also a Moto Z Play be on the way. It writes Phone Rader via news media Antutu. Continue reading

Bikini Trends of 2015

Although the swimsuit is being done more and more ground in the hearts of women, the bikini is a must and a certainty in clothing from the beach. This month marks the birthday just this head so loved: on 5 July, the bikini has celebrated its 69 years.

This costume was introduced in 1946 and at the beginning the response was very cold: the creator, the tailor Louis Réard, was well aware of the scandal she had to face a lot presenting a boss who discovered the woman’s body, and that’s why he chose the called “Bikini”, inspired by the eponymous atoll in the Marshall Islands, then the seat of US nuclear tests. The chief, who was going to cover very little, was worn by Micheline Bernardini for the first time, one of the Casino de Paris stripper who was the only one to dare lend itself as a model.

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Samsung on the Road with Note 7-Compatible Gear VR-Headsets

A new version of the Samsung Gear VR headset to suit the future Galaxy Note 7 with USB Type-C connector instead of microUSB, is on the way.

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 about a little month of commencement of the South Korean producer as one of the last transitional phase from the microUSB port for the new and reversible USB Type-C.

It does, however, problems in relation to virtual reality headset Samsung Gear VR, in which Samsung’s smartphones with microUSB port can be connected.Note 7 is expected: to become first Samsung phone with USB Type-C, which will make it useless with Gear VR headset.

The problem can be resolved with relative ease by posting an updated version of the headset on the market with USB Type C connector instead of microUSB, and that is exactly what Samsung seems to do. Continue reading