What is a Diving School

Despite being an activity whose traces date back to the classical era, diving only gained its popularity throughout the 20th century. Since then, the demand for this sport makes a lot of entrepreneurs to invest in this niche market, so it is not difficult at present to find a good diving school with a variety of services, ranging from lessons for beginners to professional diving equipment.

But while there is plenty of supply, it is important to be able to recognize if the places complies with the essential requirements and rules to be indicated to give information.

Before starting the diving lessons, research about the conditions of the school of their material and above all, their trainers. It is crucial to have certified diving instructors to start to dive underwater.

After checking if everything checks out with the diving school and  divers watches for sale, just start to enjoy your adventures!

What types of diving

The recreational and leisure diving can be divided into two modes: free and independent. Here, we will only talk about the diving in these areas. However, there still exists the professional diving, which can be used as a job in oil fields, in the archaeological area, marine biology, etc. ..

Let us begin, then, by free diving: it is called free diving because it can be practiced by anyone. It is usually done in natural pools and does not require prerequisites, or complex equipment. Just a mask to protect your eyes and nose, a pair of clamps and a snorkel (respirator). This mode is also known as snorkling;

Dive Discovery or Baptism: in vogue in world diving spots, hotels and resorts, baptism or discovery can be made by those who have no knowledge of diving. A dive master accompanying the novice diver during a dive with the duration of a little more than 30 minutes, a variation of a few meters below sea level.

Instructions are given to the diver, but it’s the dive master who guides and is responsible for the whole process.

-Basic Autonomous: those seeking courses SCUBA (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) already know well what they want to remove from the experience. The first step is to take the open water diver in a good diving school, i.e. be able to dive. In the statement, the entry-level diver learn what you can do until the 18 m deep; with a course of a week and a check-out weekend, the sport is already properly enabled. However, it is advisable to dive with an instructor the first couple of times:

-Advanced Autonomous: the advanced course is the gateway to a number of specializations, as well as providing more knowledge to the diver. The night diving and deep diving (up to 30 m) are two of the main reasons to do this kind of training, besides learning interesting techniques for search and retrieval of lost objects.

Visit the diving school near you and enlighten your doubts about these arrangements.

Diving can be practiced by all people.

No doubt! When it can be done in a good diving school, with good instructors and conditions, this is suitable for all water sports people,at any age, because it is a very complete practice, which promotes resistance, coordination and flexibility and, above all, promote the balance between the physical and the mind.

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