Types of Bras

The correct size selection of lingerie is very important to our health and comfort. If you are not familiar with how to choose the right bra, we can help. The following lines are devoted to the sizes of bras, bra size calculation and correct measurement chest. Not every one of us can do is choose what size bra needs and how to buy the right bra. We also describe the styles and types of bras, because on every occasion fits different bra.

Bras are important – for our health and beauty

Underwear is the most important part of the female wardrobe. You can wear sexy expensive clothes, make a perfect hairstyle and makeup, but satisfaction with their overall look you will achieve especially the right choice of underwear. Find a suitable bra, where you feel like in a straitjacket requires time and patience. Satisfaction with the appearance and feel of what you have, it will certainly be worth all your efforts. You’ll be surprised what a perfect figure can achieve that you wear “only” the right bra. Important parameters for selecting an appropriate bra size, material, cut and type of bra.

Bras size

Many women wear a bra every day, more out of necessity than of joy. Wearing a bra but can be fun if you can find one that fits you perfectly. Despite the fact that most women think that wearing the right size bra is not so. Believe it or not, but research shows that up to 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra! If you want to know what bra represent those letters and numbers, we can help with that. It’s not as complicated as it looks. Letters e.g. A, B, C, D, etc., the size of the cups, the number e.g. 70, 75, 80, 90 etc. indicate the chest circumference in centimeters. Chest circumference is measured under the breasts and across the chest.

Calculating the size of the bra

To calculate your size bra you need a measuring tape. As first measure the circumference around your rib cage just below the breasts. The second value, you need to measure the circumference over the fullest part of the breast through the nipple. Hands should be used during the measurement horizontally next to the body.

When a girl starts to wear a bra, it is usually a simple sporty style, which are available in sizes as small S (small), M medium (middle) and a large L (large). Here is a simple test where the girls should start with basketballs bras. Take a pencil and put it under her breast. If you pencil falls, you need baskets. If you stay, you have to reach for baskets. The European manufacturers use standard label sizes AA, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, but not as A and B as B. It is important to check and compare the metered size table manufacturer. Another important thing you should know is that the bra size affects your weight change at different stages of your life. Losing or gaining a few kilos will therefore mean that you need a new bra size!

Cuts and types of bras

How not wear the same shoes for every outfit, so you should not wear the same bra for every occasion. Your bra wardrobe should include different types of bras to match your clothes, even the season. Keep in mind that the bras that will fit in the past, you now no longer have to sit in. When buying lingerie most women manage color, material, but on choosing the right bra style often forget. Suitable cut bra you will achieve perfect overall appearance.

Classic bras for everyday wear

Classic cut bra fits everyone perfectly shaped breasts. They typically turn on the back or front and neodopínatelné or detachable straps. Cupcakes are either reinforced or unreinforced polovystužené. It is important to look good bra under clothing while being comfortable. It is also advisable to choose a bra depending on whether it is winter or summer. On summer are ideal lightweight cotton bras or bras with lace unreinforced that are enjoyable in the heat and breasts in them sweat.

Underwired bra

By name has underwired bra inside under each basket wire forming support. The wire is usually made of metal or hard plastic. It is ideal for women with large breasts that need a perfect support.
Kostičová wires are manufactured in two shapes. One podobápísmenu U is for women with larger breasts, the other is bowl-shaped and is ideal for women with smaller breasts. Underwire should sit flat on the chest.

Push-up bras

Push-up bra is designed to provide maximum lift and the illusion of a fuller bust. Perfect décolleté achieved thanks pads sewn into their bottom and cut, which ensures grip the chest to each of the parties. Bra push upka is suitable for smaller size baskets (in C). New in the push-up bra is a gel bra that is appropriate under any outfit. Produced in classic shapes, with or without seams and romantic and feminine look with delicate lace. The gel pad bra increases the volume of breasts and holds its shape perfectly. They are made of comfortable and quality material.

Bardotka bras

Bra Bardotka name is derived from the name of Brigitte Bardot. Bardotka bra is perfect for sophisticated women who appreciate its beauty with an elegant style. The bra has reinforced cups and cut so naturally reinforcing bust. Baskets can be smooth or quilted fine embroidery, which looks very romantic. The straps are typically placed on the sides and can usually unfasten. Bardotka bra is perfect as a wedding underwear.

Multifunction bra

Multifunction bra is a bra with various adjustable straps that can be worn 4 ways – classic, turned on the neck, crossed at the back or strapless. It is suitable under the shirt with one bare arm, for example, under the corset evening dresses.

Self-adhesive, silicone bra and Thigh

Thigh bra invisible bra whose cups are reusable adhesive coated on one side, through which bra tightly. This special adhesive is self-adhesive bra removable and can be worn more than once. The adhesive bra, although does not support, but it gives the breasts a beautiful shape, lifted it and highlights. To get Thigh bra holding her breasts best, you need to attach it to wash, dry, nenakrémovanou and unscented skin breast! Since adhesive bras have no straps or fastening at the back, they are ideal summer under a corset dress.

Silicone bra is made of silicone, which after application on the body, and warming to body temperature adheres firmly to the body of the wearer. Brassieres of sillikonu are smooth, has naturally under clothes are invisible, mostly with push-up effect thanks to which you increase breasts only two numbers! Advice from Missky.cz: many women are not sure what is the difference between self-adhesive, Thigh and invisible bra. We will not “secret” reveal – adhesive bra bra Thigh = = invisible bra. Each of us uses a different designation, yet it is the same bra. For silicone bra apply the same sign, except that silicone bra (as its name suggests) is made of silicone and may (but need not) straps, which are both also removable. This way we can choose whether we wear a silicone bra straps or without them.

Sports bras

On sports, women should wear a sports bra that has flat seams to the exercise jostled. It is made of solid material to stabilize the breasts well. According to Janesportsbras, sports bra is without whalebone, with soft wide elastic under the breasts. It is worn during exercise to promote breast, thanks to which minimizes the reflection. The design includes wider shoulder straps and baskets that fully overlap breasts. Sports bra made of absorbent, breathable and quick-drying material.

Pregnancy and maternity bras

Maternity bras perfectly adapts to increasing breasts during pregnancy and perfectly keep their shape thanks to the support effect. Bras for pregnant ensure sensitive and painful breasts wearing comfort due to its style and quality material. It is recommended to wear from 4 months of pregnancy. Future mothers should, before giving birth to buy a specially adapted bra to breastfeed. Breastfeeding bra should be flexible and adaptable material. Maternity bras are an ideal solution mainly for their absorptive capacity. These bras prevent leakage of milk from the breast with interchangeable inserts, which is appreciated by every nursing woman. The top layer cups of bras parent is removable for easy access to the breast.

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