Tips for Good Sleeping

The range of outdoor equipment you can find many kinds of sleeping bags for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Without a good sleeping bag is not possible for everyone who wants to spend time in nature. Suitable sleeping bag searches climber preparing to go on expeditions, an avid cyclist objíždějící most beautiful places in our region, hiker, tramp or a child getting ready for summer camp.

Among sleeping bags meet quality and lower quality models. The decision on choosing sleeping may also affect the manufacturer’s mark, which is already known and therefore guarantees you first-class kind of sleeping bags. Known companies producing tents, sleeping bags and other equipment used to operate the outdoors have their own characteristics, which will help with the selection. If still in doubt, look at different websites sleeping reviews where specifically find information from people who already have with those kinds of experiences.

Which companies belong to the popular and purchase their sleeping bags will not disappoint you? We bring you some tips for buying a waterproof sleeping bag.

Tip 1

Husky sleeping bags are divided into several series, where you can find various types of sleeping bags. Mummy and quilt sleeping bags, special models for women and children. The complete range offers Husky com website.

What interesting offers Husky sleeping bags? Husky Ladies are the types of women’s sleeping bags. A new kind of women’s sleeping bag is called the Ladies Majesty and is characterized by anatomical adaptation female figure. He adds insulated foot pouch, so the winter is easy to defend ourselves. Lightweight and warm sleeping bag Husky Espace belongs to the three-season sleeping bags and will use it most of the year. Thanks to its low weight it takes especially cyclists. Despite its small weight very good thermal insulation. Husky to minus 10 degrees Celsius developed a sleeping bag Guty containing a removable fleece liner that can be used separately as a blanket. It is ideal for canoeing, trekking to the countryside. Well you cover during your stay at the cottage.

Under the name Husky Outdoor produced a very versatile sleeping bags , where everyone will find their favorite. These are variously useful models for women, hikers, boaters and others. Guarantee a top quality at an affordable price. This covers Monti Husky sleeping bags, Husky Street, Husky Ruby into lighter frosts, three-seasonal feather sleeping bag Husky Dinis, comfortable Husky Mantilla, Maestro, Montello or the warmest sleeping bag in the Husky Magnum.

Tip 2

Sleeping Hannah used to produce only branded materials and advanced technology. For example, the materials used are perfectly combines breathability and water repellency. Among the specific types of materials used include the highly acclaimed Tactel, activTec, DryPeak, Polarsoft, Polartec, Softshell and others. Sleeping bags Hannah each year have prepared a new collection of sleeping bags and other outdoor equipment. For example, you can indulge in a warm sleeping bag Hannah Hiker X3 with synthetic filling. Suitable for colder time, as Hannah Emergency X3. For the summer season on your bicycle and hiking tours suited Hannah Bike for Women or Hannah Biker X1.

Tip 3

Coleman has been around for over a hundred years, and over the years it perfectly adapts to changes. Sleeping bags Coleman normally you can buy at prices about one thousand, so they are affordable for many people. Moreover, it is already a lot of people have tried and certainly will not disappoint in terms of quality. Sleeping bags Coleman is characterized by resistance to mechanical damage, excellent insulation, non-absorbability of water. You can choose mini sleeping bag in a row Light, tourist sleeping in the category Outdoor or shipping in the category Adventure. Topped the sleeping bags from Coleman found for example mummy sleeping bag Coleman Atlantic 205 or more variant Coleman Atlantic 220 for universal application of the vacation time. Bicycle paths will throw Coleman Biker, ranking among the lightest sleeping bags quilt or a sleeping bag for children Kid Coleman Catnap in bright colors.

Tip 4

Jurek company began with the production of dome tents that have produced more. Czech manufacturer but over the years he began to worry as well as producing other outdoor equipment. Sleeping bags Jurek are manufactured in types quilt sleeping bags with zippers or L-shaped anatomical mummy, which has a long zipper and extended along the hand. You can try sleeping Jurek Hilly DV L with a specific distribution of insulating layers or luxury winter sleeping bag Jurek memory G95 filled with goose feathers. For more periods during the year serve Jurek Trek PL1 M or Jurek Winter PL1.

Tip 5

Another Czech manufacturer says the Pinguin, who started his career feather successful program not only with sleeping bags, but also jackets. Sleeping bags Pinguin offers different types of sleeping bags. For children, you can take kids sleeping bag Pinguin Blizzard Junior thanking shape and the possibility it fully opened and used as a blanket. Children will surely satisfy even the upgraded Pinguin Comfort Junior 2012 thermal insulation Thermicfi bre fourth Sleeping bags Pinguin, Pinguin also represent Expert and Pinguin Micra 2012 with high-quality insulating material BHBmicro.

Tip 6

Sir Joseph sleeping bags are specially designed for winter. Who is looking for a reliable sleeping bags for minus temperatures may try more expensive, but the quality of the brand sleeping bags. Ultralight feather sleeping bag Sir Joseph Kotek 850 appreciated by all who like the minimum volume sleeping bag with perfect craftsmanship and functionality. It is intended for characters with a height of 190 to 200 cm. Mummy sleeping bag Sir Joseph Double Attack is a warm sleeping bag with inner spacáčkem. In winter, the perfect protection from the cold and in the summer from him make two sleeping bags, which at will connect to each other.

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