Sleeping Bag FAQs

Did you know that…

… The sleeping bag, you can buy a protective liner? According to the type Inserts may increase thermal comfort. In the market you can find everything on the fleece lining that can be used in warm weather as a standalone, lightweight sleeping bag. Inserts are also useful if you only borrow sleeping bag. You never know what it happening in front of you.;-)

Would you like a quilt or a sleeping bag rather mummy?

Sleeping bags are produced in two basic types. You can buy a quilt or a mummy sleeping bag.

Quilt sleeping bags (eg. Orion) is suitable for less demanding conditions in the camps, at camp or cottage or family members sleep in your apartment. Sleeping bag after opening easily turn into a spacious and comfortable blanket.

Mummy sleeping bags (eg. PimaSleepingBags) are elaborate and follow the shape of the human body. This optimizes the size of the heated area, to better retain heat and reduces the leakage. They bear the ‘hood, “to which you can hide and head.

Note: Some sleeping bags can be joined together – that means one “married” sleeping bag.

Limit temperature: max, comfort, at least, extreme – what does it mean?

  • Upper comfort indicates the highest temperature above which we start sleeping bag simmer in its own juice.
  • Comfortable temperature will mostly women. If the temperature falls below the value of comfort, hands and feet of women begin to cool. 🙂
  • Limit temperature means the same as a comfortable temperature, except that it applies for men.
  • Extreme temperature means that after exceeding the values of the sleeping likely to survive :-), but we count on a lot of cold and consequently a lack of sleep and possible hypothermia.

“Even with a small Punch you can make a big theater” – so this is not applicable for sleeping bags

Sleeping bag should be at least 15-20 cm longer than the height of your character. Too large sleeping poorly again heats up and we’ll be there in winter. Conversely, a small sleeping bag is uncomfortable, and if we crammed it on tight, insulating layer will not work.

LOAP generally focuses on comfort, and therefore all grown-up sleeping bags XXL wide. XXL width LOAP sleeping bags also has the advantage that at night you can wiggle like a caterpillar legs can bend and particularly for children sleeping bags, the kids in it’s sleep and wake up in a good mood.

Take care of your sleeping bag will last longer

Admit where you stashed your old sleeping bag? Roll up into a neat package shape or carelessly thrown in the closet? You might be surprised, but litterbug, the sleeping bag is rolling off the packaging, take care of him better.

It is so. Caring for the sleeping bag is not complicated, but few know how to do it. Sleeping bags should be hung in the closet, or may be loosely curled on the ground. The reason is simple – it saves so the properties of the materials used. Additionally sleeping bag needs to breathe and ventilate, so he prolonged period of confinement is really no evidence. Decomposed sleeping bag is less spacious, but our thanks to this care will last far longer.

Note: Sleeping regularly ventilate during its use. In addition to a more comfortable sleep will appreciate it and your spolunocležníci;-)

Even the best sleeping mats warms you without

The fish stinks from the head, cold rising from the ground. That’s why we need a reliable insulating layer that fills the space between us and the country. We can choose from several types of mats.

Alu Grounds are more suitable as a mat, where you can sit outside, rather than as an insulating layer beneath a sleeping bag. Refrigerate practically protect us and moreover we will feel many a small pebble.

Foam mats are manufactured in various thicknesses, but not too much storage. After wrapping formed relatively large role, however, easily clips on to any larger backpack. It is made of either polyethylene or EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). Polyethylene mats are cheaper, but unfortunately easily suck water and thus reduce their insulating properties.

Mats of EVA material having closed pores by water soaked and thus better isolate. Although they are more expensive but also more resistant to mechanical damage. Under LOAP find EVA mat Thea, which is great need and yoga.

Self-inflating mats are a hit the past few years. This is actually a foam sealed in airtight fabric. When the valve is opened automatically starts to foam

gaining air and swell. Just give her a few minutes and after a while we have prepared a comfortable bed. Deflation is done similarly to inflatable loungers on the water.

The disadvantage is the risk of mechanical damage, for example. Punctures, and sun sensitivity. If you accidentally leave samonafukovačku stand in direct sunlight, it may become irreversible bulge.

For people suffering from back pain are the most comfortable Self-inflating mats with a thickness of 5-10 cm. But it is hard – it is better to carry away than to drag them on their backs.

If you have no health problems, rather choose self-inflating mats with a thickness of 3-5 mm. They are lighter and collapsed state far less.

NB: Self mats, despite his designation must for optimum comfort inflate. Mats, which are really-really alone inflate at 3 mm thickness is ranging around two thousand and higher.

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