Skinny Jeans for Plus Size

The skinny jeans are very narrow and tight pants body But you know that that in order to properly take must take into account your body type? The skinny jean is a style that is allowed in all body types, all you have to keep in mind is how to combine the long and must have colors or prints that you use as your hips and legs type.

They are ideal for plus size, since almost no increase body volume. It is an essential piece you can use whenever you want. If you want to use this type of jeans you have to feel comfortable and sure of yourself, after all it is only a matter of attitude.

If you have thick legs skinny jeans shuns you are too tight. You must stay away from the washing or broken skinny, as would highlight the bulk of your legs. If you want to opt for this type of jeans are looking for those with a bit of stretch to feel more comfortable when using them. Luce skinny jeans in dark colors, classic black, dark blue or gray. If you are a woman with a lot of hip and want to show off a slimmer figure chooses skinnys dark colored jeans. Flee patterned skinny or too marked seams because your hips do not need to attract more attention. Use simple, easy and comfortable skinny. Always remember to keep the look with balance. If you have dark jeans top it has to be clearer and with a looser look to provide balance and proportion to your image. If you do not have clear how to choose the skinny jean that fits perfect to your silhouette, here we leave a video where you can solve this problem.

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