Qualcomm Just-released Toq Smartwatch

While it is best known as a manufacturer of mobile processors Qualcomm company has the ambition to be ranked among the leaders in the emerging but gaining popularity segment of “smart watches”. Those of you who follow events in that segment probably know that in early September Qualcomm introduced its own Smart Watch device called Toq. Well, yesterday the company officially announced the date for its market debut (at least for USA) – December 2.

From that date smartest LED watches Qualcomm Toq can be purchased for $350, ie for $50 more than the Samsung wants for his notorious Galaxy Gear. For this price, however, owners of Qualcomm Toq will receive a unique feature – the display set up technology Mirasol. Typical of this technology is that it facilitates significant visibility when using the device in direct sunlight, and it Mirasol displays and consume far less energy than traditional solutions. Thanks to this clever clock, Qualcomm will work with a single battery charge for several days and perhaps even weeks.

Mirasol displays, however, are complicated to manufacture and, according to colleagues from The Next Web, originally Qualcomm is unlikely to release its new widget in large volumes.

Otherwise, as you probably already know, Smart Watch Qualcomm Toq device will be compatible with all Android smartphones, as long as they work with Android 4.0.3 or newer version of the operating system (such as Qualcomm’s recommended upgrade to at least Android 4.3 Jelly Bean) . Synchronization of both devices will be carried out by special application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Then the smart watch will assist the user in answering calls in reviewing the SMS-s managing MP3 player, receipt of notifications and the implementation of a number of other functions.

According to the latest rumors on the Web analogous accessory developed for smartphones and Apple. DisplaySearch analyst agency Hsih David (David Hsieh) for example, argues that “apples” even planning to launch two versions of the famous iWatch, respectively equipped with 1.7-inch and 1.3-inch display. Of course, the larger model will be designed for men and more compact will be aimed at the ladies. The market debut of these iWatch watches should take place next year.

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