Professional Deep Sea Diving Dourses

Many people have dreamed of being professional divers and explore the depths of the sea. But, beyond the dream, the professional diving is a hazardous activity. But there exist the benefits of professional diving from commit4fitness.

Professional outputs of professional diving course

In Portugal, the profession of professional diver requires background searches, surveys, the maintenance works on ships or other submerged structures. A professional diver can still lift and carry objects submerged to the surface, carrying out construction and conservation of structures and underwater works and performing underwater welding and cutting. , In accordance with the regulations of the IEFP, a professional diver can still make the preventive conservation of diving gear, compressors and underwater tools, perform underwater footage and photography, underwater demolition work with explosives and still catch biological species of sea and aquaculture. For someone to have access to the profession of professional diver, they must have card and books of professional diver. It is a profession regulated by the Directorate General of Maritime Authority and forces you to have compulsory education and to complete successfully the course that allows access to the profession of professional diver.

Requirements for access to professional diving

Moreover, it is still necessary to possess a psychophysical qualification certificate certifying the capacity to exercise the activity of professional diving. There are five categories of professional diver: master diver, diver, technical diver, specialist diver and intermediate diver. A professional diver starts from diver category, and people should be the age of at least 18 years, and no more than 45 years, on the date of the beginning of the professional diving course. To access the next category, the diver must compulsorily enable the previous category diving. The profession of professional diver is covered by community policies for the recognition of professional qualifications. In Portugal, only the navy are empowered to administer the professional diving course, but, in several foreign countries, this training can be given in private diving schools. In addition, in developing countries, where there is a lot of oil exploitation, the profession of professional diver is very requested and very well paid, as this is essential for the proper functioning of the oil exploration equipment, especially in its underwater strand.

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