Perfect for Blouse Plus Size

If these plus size some aspects should take care when buying clothes, in this case when buying blouses must choose the one that best reveal our attributes, while hiding rolls Then you leave a few tips for choosing your blouses:

  1. Try to pick blouses with sleeves (there are some too short), the sleeves help hide those rolls that form up to the armpit and help us to show a more proportionate silhouette.
  2. Choose, if possible, blouses with type V neckline, as we said our breasts are our best weapon.
  3. Do not choose only dark colors, try to play with colors.
  4. Choose tops with vertical seams, having different colors, this way you can define your silhouette.
  5. The three-quarter sleeves hide your shoulders and only reveal the thinnest part.
  6. If your breasts are very large, round and avoiding turtle necks because they make you look more round.

You have more tips when using blouses, if you’re chubby? send us a message with your tip.


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