Leggings and Tights for Cheap

Leggings or as they are called, losinы – it’s kind of pants made of elastic fabric. Today leggings can exist as a separate part of the image and serve as a complement to band platyitsu or gender.

Trousers, Leggings

Pants-leggings- it’s a modern thing, which is able to act essential element clothing. Leggings are made from dense tissue and can have a pronounced or slightly detectable elements of pants. They include:

  • Pockets;
  • Snake in front;
  • Rear pockets;
  • Belt;
  • Double line on the outside of the legs.

Wildest models can combine multiple colors and can be decorated with sequins and other bright colors. These options are more suitable for an evening out. Creating effective way of sufficiently supplemented with original trousers light jackets or top with cocky jacket.

For your routine to check pants-leggings under jeans. Material for such a model is selected soft and elastic, but the figure should underlying data trouser denim. Most often this is expressed in potertom blue color and pronounced lines.


Panty-leggings – this is a great change chulkam or traditional tights. They are made of strong but thin material and have very extraordinary figure. Panty-leggings wear shorter skirts, dresses knee-length or longer blouses. But stylists warn if you choose too frank length dresses, this image may seem lightly.

Great choice of emilyleggings leggings is the Italian brand. It is in their collections you can see how to stand properly combine thin leggings bold clothes. With trousers can create a memorable image of a business or an elegant evening dress.

We should not forget that the fine chaps will be an excellent tool for creating vivid and clothing. After all, they combine well with chiffon blouses and light. Several fashion accessories will make your unique way. Summer leggings must be colored or have easy simple model in bright colors.

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