How to Choose the Right Sleeping Bag and Mat

Universal sleeping bag for the entire year there

Each of us would certainly like a sleeping bag, in which he would have been comfortable all year round and in any weather. But the truth is that something as universal sleeping bag there – we have to decide between three options.

Choosing a sleeping bag will not be such hard work when before they visit a store and buying a sleeping bag truthfully answer the question: On what do I need a sleeping bag?

Sleeping bags are usually divided into:

  • Summer sleeping bags
  • Three-season sleeping bags
  • Winter sleeping bags

For spacákování during the holidays, respectively. June to August are the best known. summer sleeping bags. They are light, sometimes even ultralight, and is ideal for hikers and cyclists. Such a sleeping bag for summer is perfect for festival or holiday in Macháč.

If you set out under the tent, barely snow melts, and return when the leaves turn yellow, it pays you to take a three-season sleeping bag . It’s hotter than a summer sleeping bag, but it is heavier and has a larger size. The advantage, however, is its versatility and comfort spacákování from spring to autumn.

If you are not afraid and not afraid of the frost and snow it is right for you walnut winter sleeping bag. We recommend that you actually use it only in winter – for the rest of the year should it needlessly fret, and at night the heat kicked off. 🙂

Feather sleeping bags vs. Tents made of artificial fibers

Sleeping bags are either down or synthetic fibers.

Down sleeping bags are a great insulator, so used primarily in the production of winter sleeping bags. In addition to thermal comfort feathers better retains its original features, making sleeping ages more slowly. The lifetime of such a sleeping bag may be five years or more. Down sleeping bags are also lighter and more easily packaged.

Note: When buying a sleeping bag down production rather choose a fill goose down. Unlike duck better isolated.

The main disadvantage of feather sleeping bags is their high absorbency. Quickly get wet, thereby shrinking their calorific value. Moisture in them for longer holding bags and slowly dry. Suitable therefore are mainly in arid and frigid conditions. Price per sleeping bag down production is also higher than in synthetic sleeping bags. These extra sleeping bags are suitable for allergy sufferers.

Sleeping bags are made of artificial fibers represent a good alternative to feather sacks. Sleeping bags made of synthetic materials, unlike feathers relatively warm even when wet, and then dry quickly. They are machine washable and suitable for allergy sufferers. Their price is lower, so is the case with lifetime. For normal use from spring to autumn but perfectly sufficient and reliable companion.

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