How to Choose Bath Towels

Why is my bathrobe does not absorb as good as the great robe in spa hotel? Why did not manage to find a soft and pleasant to the touch cotton towels? These are questions that we have asked at least once in life. Their answers are somewhat related to the past and to some extent associated with this marketing. It’s unfortunate in the 80s of last century, the market had no choice, and even a few towels appeared in stores were exhausted in no time, because when we need them, certainly there will be in the store. The design and color did not matter, the important thing was to have at home stocks because it may need it. Here we come democracy, the market opened. There were many beautiful low-quality towels, colored crib linens, etc., but people bought because you do not know when you might need them. So build an image of the user. Recently an acquaintance told me he did not understand how the hotels he visited, linen and towels are so soft and pleasant, but at home as non-absorbent, ugly and different color. Also on the market are not selling such nice towels. Immediately went through my mind several possible reasons: Towels, who qualify, are those stocks of the 80s; or the Turkish and Chinese junk that swept across our dear homeland late last and early this century.

What are the three most important things you need to know when choosing terry bathrobes or towels at

1. They must be made from 100% cotton. Cotton does not allow to retain moisture in the fabric and is a natural antibacterial agent.
2. It is important to see what thickness terry product – varirati of 300 g / m2 – the lowest grade up to 1200 gr. / M2 for mats for bathroom. Thickness of 450 g / m2 is a good option, especially in drying, and if you want a really luxurious options, then 500 g / m2 and 600 gr. / M2 thickness will really enjoy.
3. Quality towel is important and way of twisting the thread in production and whether loop is a double thread or single. Good density and soft feeling occurs when the towel is made of double stranded thread. And here are some additional things that will interest you if you are a connoisseur of luxury.

1. Hidropamuk is a technology in weaving ends of cotton thread and this makes towel more absorbent and soft to the touch. Products in this technology can be found here.  2. Technology cotton with bamboo – distinctive characteristics of bamboo are: softness to the touch, glossy appearance and a natural antibacterial protection. Find products with this technology.

3. Maykroban technology – it is a technology that protects the materials from the formation of molds and fungi in tissue. Especially when towels stand in the bathroom, and there is moist and favorable for such organisms. More technology color range is a matter of your choice, but keep in mind that it is best to choose products that are colored with dyes that do not cause skin reactions. It is best to choose white or beige, as these are the natural colors of cotton and are least likely to have allergic reactions. If you are boring – then choose bright or pastel colors that are derived from natural dyes. The material is provided courtesy of the online shop.

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