How to Buy Safe Toys

The game is the instrument through which children learn about the world. If once the toys were almost all do-it-yourselfers, built with recycled materials found in the home, children’s gaming market today offers parents hundreds of different proposals to choose from. All this abundance, however, should not distract from safety. Play Yes, but with every precaution! We discover together what are the requirements that a good toy must have and how, once at home, we need to put everything in security.

How to choose a safe toy

  • Always read carefully the guidelines and information written on the package of the toy.
  • Check for certification marks that certify the safety of the product. In Italy the brands found are 3 and toy must have won at least one to be considered up to standard. The abbreviations are:EC: certifies that the toy was manufactured with materials safe and in line with laws in Europe. It is currently the only brand required.
    Safe toys: this mark is issued only to toys that have exceeded several laboratory tests to ensure its strength and safety.
    Safety approval: certified that the product can be used for the care of children (plastic bottles, patti, glasses etc.)
  • Always prefer toys with an adequate relationship between quality and price, cheap products may be counterfeit and break easily.
  • Make purchases only in specialty stores or hypermarkets. The small shopkeepers, especially if foreigners can have non-compliant products through the shelves or counterfeit.
  • Look on the package is the name of the manufacturer and the importer to verify that it is well-known brands, such as Babyinger.
  • Check that the toy does not have ropes, strings or easily detachable parts if addressed to a small child.
  • In electronic toys, check that the battery compartment is properly closed with a screw and not baby foldout.
  • Arrows, bows and other toys of this kind must have the appropriate rubber seals to protect the child and playmates.
  • Electronic toys are to be equipped with a transformer that reduces the output current to a maximum of 24 volts.

How to play with the toys?

  • The packages must be opened by an adult or under his supervision.
  • All metal or plastic parts of the packaging must be immediately removed from the hands of the child.
  • Read the instructions before you start playing and check that you have correctly set all parts of the game.
  • Adjust the volume of digital games in such a way that do not cause annoyance to the delicate ears of children.
  • If the parties to an electronic game you find unsafe, damaged or return it to the seller and ask for replacement or return.
  • If two or more children share the bedroom and play spaces, it is always good to keep the toys based on the reference age.
  • The broken toys should be discarded immediately, so that they cannot injure the baby.

How we tested the toys?

The toys they receive the brand safe toy undergo a series of tests that put them to the test to verify the suitability, both for the age indicated on the package that for safety in general. The evidence that must be overcome to achieve certification are:

  • Tear-proof of eyes, nose, tail and paws in plush.
  • Simulation of torsion, bitten, and tension.
  • Bevel control of all plastic and metal parts.
  • Flammability test.
  • Tissue and toxicity test of plastic and metal parts.
  • Component analysis of the paints used.
  • Electrical tests to control the level of overheating of electronic toys.
  • Electrical testing specifications for toys intended for use in the presence of water.
  • Detection of radioactivity.
  • Controlling the level of hygiene of the product.
  • Controlling the risk of abuse: a team of experts shall submit the toy to an extreme use to check resistance, capacitance of habituation and risks resulting from prolonged use.

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