How to Buy a Wetsuit for Diving

The water removes heat from the body 25 times faster than air, so an identical temperature warned in air as pleasant, in water causes rapid cooling of the body. The reference temperature factor becomes crucial to the choice of the type of suit to be used, its thickness and material. In moderately cold waters, but again a limited depth, it may be sufficient to wear a wetsuit for diving so called damp, that allowing the entry of a modest amount of water forms a thin layer on the skin that warms determines insulation.

This compressed neoprene or lycra, wetsuit, should be snug without exceeding because some rare forms of decompression sickness skin were triggered by overly narrow outline. On the other hand an excessive width thereof would encourage water recirculation and so would defeat the heat function on. As for the fit suits zipped easier wearable, but slightly less protective than those without.

The latter made in two pieces are hotter than those one piece for the double neoprene layer that covers the chest, thanks to pants long John. Special attention should be paid to the hood attached or detached that it is as it is very important to protect the head from heat loss, I always recommend the separate hood, promotes cleansing, and summer in hot weather reduces one factor stressing pre-immersion painting, they could afford thread at the last moment. Finally we must have in mind that a compressed neoprene wetsuit allows a reduced ability of movement than lycra material, but is much more insulation.

For those circumstances buying a wetsuit must be conducted with particular attention taking into account both the structural characteristics of the same that the purpose for which it intends to allocate. A wet suit goes tested trying to spot the one that best suits your physique, should be as tight as possible without forming ‘bags’ and whitespace, but it need not even tighten, hampering the movements and breathing. You have to essentially avoid any compromise that would be at the expense of safety or of pleasure which should accompany a dive. So if you were to find positive feedbacks in the standard parameters offered by numerous companies marketing the product, you can contact craft companies which manufacture bespoke suits and that also allow selecting the thickness of neoprene, favorite colors and the possibility to insert ‘ optional ‘ as additional reinforcements as necessary.

These are small companies often very reliable, which you can use even after you have purchased for repairs or any changes, all at prices which are particularly interesting.

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